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   Chapter 376 Proclaim

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"I cannot rebuild the Snow Sect even I can break into upper spiritual king in a short time. As I said, we must at least wait until I reach the completed spiritual king and get close to the demi-spiritual emperor!" Zenith understood what Elder Evan and the others meant, but he still said so in a low voice.

"Why, Chief? Don't you have the confidence that you can kill Boris when you are an upper spiritual king?" Ricky asked.

"That's not the reason. I'm more worried about the background of the array deployer who's following Boris. I suspect the force he belongs to is very powerful. It is probably a force supported by a demi-spiritual emperor," Zenith answered slowly.

"So before we figure out the identity of the array deployer, we cannot take action blindly."

"We did not know that he has such a powerful background!" the other Elders exclaimed in surprise.

A force supported by a demi-spiritual emperor was like a legend in their consciousness. Even the words "demi-spiritual emperor" were strong enough to strike fear into their hearts.

"How did you know, Chief?" Elder Evan asked.

"From his uncommon insight and knowledge," Zenith explained. "Also, he is an array deployer at the intermediate King Level.

They usually only appear at the intermediate realms and lands. And only those powerful forces of the completed spiritual king and the demi-spiritual emperor can sustain the array deployer at the intermediate King Level for a long time."

"Uncommon knowledge?" Ricky suddenly thought of Ellison after hearing what Zenith said.

In the battle with Ellison, he had been calm and even dismissive when it came to him that Ricky could challenge someone much stronger than him, which would usually shocked most of the people who first heard such a news.

Ellison was, however, completely indifferent, and he only saw almost every warrior as just material for making his puppets.

There was only one reason which could explain why Ellison would do so. That was he had seen too many talents that specialized in challenging the strong, and he had also killed a lot of them. If that was the case, it was likely that he came from a powerful force.

'It seems that Ellison and his master are nowhere near the level of ordin

ose the truth that Ricky had returned because he wanted to kill Ricky and kept his treasures himself. Ricky and Zenith not only exposed this themselves, but revealed it in such a public way!

"Chief! That Zenith must have an ace up his sleeve that he dared to do this. It must be something that can solve all spiritual kings in the whole Realm of Wildness," the array deployer analyzed.

He added, "I'm afraid that the spiritual energy of the zone will fall in Ricky's hands in the end, so I think we should focus on the fortune competition. As long as the spiritual space tool is still in his possession, we can make a move in the Fortune Land later."

"I believe that as long as your disciples and mine join forces, they will own the Fortune Land," the array deployer declared confidently.

"But what on earth is Zenith's ace?" Boris muttered in a low voice.

"We will find out soon. No matter what it is, I will ensure your safety!" the array deployer pledged.

Boris did not doubt what the array deployer said. He knew his identity and the scope of his capabilities.


Upon the uproar, many spiritual kings began to take action. They all came to the Snow Land from the Earth Fire Land, the Heaven Wood Land and other places of the Realm of Wildness, greatly interested in Ricky's spiritual space tool of Ricky.

It was not long before nearly ten spiritual kings showed up above where the Misty South Palace located.

Though it was just an empty shabby valley right now.

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