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   Chapter 375 Zenith's Confident Claim

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 12570

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Ricky's loud announcement echoed in the cave. At once, everyone held their breath as they were overcome with shock. They all turned to stare at Ricky with wide eyes, not knowing how to react or what to say. As what he said settled in, their feelings of shock were replaced with buzzing excitement.

The cave was completely engulfed in silence until Zenith burst out and said, "Good boy! That's exactly what I've been expecting from you! You've made a fabulous decision!" He stretched out his arm and pat Ricky heavily on his shoulder. Then he added, "Only ambitious men are qualified to be strong warriors!

You are an amazing genius, so don't ever waste your clever brain. You must be ambitious enough to go ahead in the martial arts world. I'm more than pleased to hear this announcement! It proves that you have greatly laudable ambition! I'm so proud of you, boy!" Zenith could not help but smile as he praised Ricky.

"Thank you for your support, Chief Zenith!" Ricky said. Then, he turned to the others. "Today, the Misty South Faction ceases to exist as the Misty South Palace comes into this world!" he said, his tone full of confidence and determination.

"That is music to my ears, Ricky! Don't worry about the follow-ups. The other elders and I will take care of them. We will run the Misty South Palace well! You can just concentrate on your cultivation and practice. Don't bother yourself about handling the affairs of the palace," Elder Evan said with a bright smile on his face. "Yes, Elder Evan is right. Even though we are old and stiff, we still have the ability to manage a palace well. Ha-ha!" another elder echoed in agreement.

"Thank you very much. I'm deeply grateful for your support, elders," Ricky replied gratefully as he slightly bowed his head towards everyone. He let out a sigh. Their supportive attitude was very much a relief to him.

Ricky had always been an ambitious man, and he wanted to do more than just establish the Misty South Palace. he had always planned on turning his own organization into one of the top forces in the world. That was why he tried to establish the Misty South Faction with such intense determination right from the very beginning. Now, being able to turn his faction into a palace was an extremely important marker of progress.

But there was one thing that concerned him the most; he was afraid that he would have to spend too much time and energy maintaining and managing his organization. In that case, he would have a hard time concentrating on his cultivation. Zenith was just one negative example. He became so engaged managing the Snow Sect that he also became entangled in the power struggles. Ricky was afraid that the same might happen to him.

So originally, his plan was to establish the larger force once he became much stronger.

But now that Elder Evan and all the other elders supported him and promised that they would be the ones to take care of the Misty South Palace, it was like a huge weight had been lifted off his shoulders. Finally, there was nothing for him to worry about anymore. He was now certain that his palace would stand firm and have a place in the Snow Land with the help of six powerful demi-immortals.

What was more, Zenith, an innate spirit, stood behind him too. He was sure that Zenith would be really helpful to him in handling many difficult situations.

In spite of all this, Ricky knew that it was still not time for him to rest easy. There was still much weight on his shoulders. For one, he was afraid that the innate spirits from other places would come to the Snow Land in order to take his spiritual space tool from him once they found out that he had returned. But now was not the time for him to share this concern with the other

ere trained in the Snow Sect once. I, of course, know you better than others," Zenith said before he burst into laughter.

Everything Zenith had said was true. However, there was one thing he did not know. Ricky once fought against the Shadow King who was trying to steal his spiritual space tool from him.

That meant that if Ricky showed up, there was a high possibility that the Shadow King would come after him once again. Ricky knew that he must be paying close attention to the Shadow King all the time.

'Well, obviously Chief Zenith has no idea what happened between the Shadow King and I. Hopefully the mysterious axe in my body would frighten the old freak, so that he will not come to me. Otherwise, I will have to seek help from Doris, ' Ricky murmured in his mind. The Shadow King was already a real upper spiritual king, after all. There was no way he would be scared of an upper spiritual king-to-be.

What was more, the Shadow King was a cruel, merciless killer. Ricky didn't think that Chief Zenith was a match for such a vicious assassin for the time being.

However, he chose not to share this information with Zenith. If he did, Zenith would have been affected by it. He would be thinking about the Shadow King all the time and it would bruise his confidence. Ricky knew that this would have a negative impact and would harm his next breakthrough.

Breaking through into a higher level was extremely difficult, so the warriors must not be affected by anything subconsciously. If Ricky had told this information to Zenith, then Zenith would have had a burden in his mind.

Even the smallest impact from that information could make him lose control during the process of breaking through and increase the possibility that he would fail even more. It was the last thing Ricky wanted to happen.

'Yes, Doris! I will turn to Doris and ask her to stop the Shadow King and the lord of the Imperial Palace of Wildness if necessary! Chief Zenith could concentrate on his breakthrough!' Ricky was determined not to disturb Zenith. The quicker Zenith managed to become an upper spiritual king, the better the situation would be.


"Chief Zenith! After you break through and become an upper spiritual king, will you consider rebuilding the Snow Sect?" Elder Evan asked calmly. Upon hearing this, the other elders also stared at Zenith with expectant eyes. They had now calmed down after gradually digesting the information that Zenith would soon become an upper spiritual king.

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