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   Chapter 374 Setting Up the Misty South Palace

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"The Fortune Land is the most mysterious place in the whole continent. It not only exists in the invisible, but also can disappear in the invisible," Zenith explained as he saw their confused faces.

"However, the Fortune Land appears only once every hundred years in a small realm like our Realm of Wildness. In bigger realms and lands, the Fortune Land can take millenia to appear.

In the Fortune Land, the so-called invisible fortune gathers together to show its shape in the way of something that we are able to perceive," he added.

"What? The fortune can show its shape in the Fortune Land!" some disciples, including Ricky, exclaimed in an excited and surprised tone upon hearing Zenith's explanation.

"That's right! The fortune appears in the shape of dragon meridian in the Fortune Land. In other words, the fortune competition is also a competition of dragon meridian in the Fortune Land," Zenith explained calmly.

"In the Fortune Land, the more dragon meridians you gain, the more rewards from the Fortune Land await you. The process of making a breakthrough to reach the innate level will be much easier for you. Your forces will have a good fortune too.

Most importantly, your own fortune will progress. It will help you more times in your future if you run into trouble or danger," he added.

"I can't believe that a competition of fortune has so many advantages," the disciples sighed.

"That's right!" Elder Evan chimed in. "Chief Zenith and Boris have had a breakthrough to the level of innate spiritual king after they came out of the Fortune Land.

Once it appears, more and more warriors of the demi-immortal level in the whole Realm of Wildness will fight for fortune and choose to undergo the Thunderstroke Doom after that. But who knows how many of them will make a successful breakthrough to reach an innate spiritual king, and how many will die from the Thunderstroke Doom of supreme enlightenment."

"For us older warriors, we don't want to break through the innate spiritual king anymore. We just want to get more dragon meridians to extend our lifespan. That's enough for us

we said," Zenith chuckled. "Next, how about developing your Misty South Faction? We also want to join you, you know!"

Ricky clearly knew what Zenith implied. But because of Boris, the Misty South Faction only existed in recent memories now.

"Chief, Elders, you want to join my Misty South Faction which doesn't physically exist anymore? You must be kidding me!" Ricky asked with a smile.

"Of course not. Do you think we're kidding?" Zenith replied with a twinkle in his eye. "But we should change the name. If a force has the innate spirits, it can't be called a mere faction, after all!

When you set up the Misty South Faction, you also hoped that it would flourish one day. I will not give up on the true Snow Sect. I plan to re-establish it in the future and I will need the Misty South Faction at that time."

"Ricky, it's a great opportunity that you can't miss. The Fortune Land only appears once every one hundred years. You need to seize the opportunity to gain some fortune for your Misty South Faction. We will all work together," the Elders said sincerely.

Ricky was silent when he saw their genuine expressions. At last, he made a decision. Of course he had founded the Misty South Faction with great dreams and ambitions for its future!

"Well, the Misty South Faction will change into the Misty South Palace from today onwards," Ricky announced, determination flashing in his eyes.

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