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   Chapter 373 Fight For Fortune

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Under the leadership of Elder Evan, the team soon arrived in a canyon deep in the snowy mountains.

This canyon was covered with ice and snow. In addition to coniferous woods, there were multiple traces of beasts moving around. As soon as Elder Evan came, he released the maximum momentum of the demi-immortal. Immediately, he could hear the hidden beasts shuffling around to flee from the canyon.

"Come on, our foothold shall be in this canyon from now on, and this place should also be another secret base of our Snow Sect," Elder Evan announced.

"Another secret base?" Hearing his words, not only Ricky and Grace, but also Elder Lucia, Elder Samuel and the other three elders were doubtful. They had never heard before that the Snow Sect had such a secret base.

"In the entire Snow Sect, only the sect chief and I know about this valley," Elder Evan explained to ease their doubts.

"In this martial arts world that obeys the jungle justice, any force may face the danger of being destroyed at any time, so we decided that we must always be prepared with a reserve force for our sect.

And this valley is exactly that reserve force our Snow Sect needed. Ricky, do you remember the Blizzard Cliff?"

"Yes, Elder Evan; of course I remember." Ricky nodded his head to the Elder.

"On the Blizzard Cliff, there is a secret passageway that directly connects to this place. If the Snow Sect ever finds itself in great trouble, we can send our disciples to escape from the Blizzard Cliff in hopes of conserving the main force and rejuvenating the sect someday," Elder Evan continued.

"Unfortunately this time, the trouble was the internal conflict in our sect. Apart from you, Edgar, and several other disciples, all the others turned into very passive fence-sitters." Elder Evan sighed with disappointment in his voice.

"Elder, there is no need to worry about them. After what they did, we can now see clearly what kind of people they truly are," Elder Samuel said to console him.

"Yes, that's all over now. Let them be. As the sect chief said, from now on, there shall be a new Snow Sect. We can rebuild a better sect for ourselves!" Elder Lucia and others nodded.

A moment later, they all entered the valley. In the deep part of the valley, Elder Evan started all the gears and then some huge artificial caves appeared right in front o

st opportunity for any force in the Realm of Wildness and for any warrior below the innate realm. You can't miss it. And I will always have your back," Zenith explained further.

"Ha-ha, then we should be grateful." Hearing Zenith's words, Elder Evan and the others all laughed happily.

"Chief, I'm sorry but what on earth are you talking about?" Ricky asked. Ricky, Edgar, and the other disciples were curious about what they were talking about the entire time.

"The battle for fortune in the Realm of Wildness!" Zenith said with a heavy breath.

"The battle for fortune?"

"Fortune, as you all know, though invisible, is very important to the cultivation of any martial arts warrior." Zenith continued and said, "On this continent, there used to be innumerable geniuses, but only a few of them finally stood up on the peak; however, on the contrary, some mediocre warriors were able to stand on the peak. It was all because of fortune.

And every time you have a chance in an adventure, it's also considered fortune."

"We already knew about that!" Ricky and the others nodded their heads.

"But since fortune is invisible, how could anyone fight for it?"

"The division of the Realms is not accidental. However, according to the Fortune Land in this place, the size of a Realm is directly proportional to the size of the Fortune Land," Zenith said.

"The Fortune Land!" Hearing his words, Ricky and the others had doubts in their minds once again.

At this moment, they realized that they knew very little about things on the road of cultivation.

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