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   Chapter 372 Separation From The Snow Sect

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 6112

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Having heard what Zenith had said, the crowd suddenly calmed down. Boris and his allies stared at Zenith with hideous expressions on their faces, in stark contrast to Zenith and the others looked rather relaxed.

Soar stretched himself at ease, knowing he needn't worry about a thing.


After a while, Boris broke the silence and raged, "Zenith, you are lucky this time but your luck will soon run out. Let's go!"

Boris left with his allies and headed to the Snow Sect.

"I hope only one of us will be alive when we see each other next time," Zenith scornfully called out to him.

"I agree," Boris turned around and replied. They disappeared from the canyon with Kinsey and Ellison following them.

"Ha-ha, better hide the center of the array deeper next time when you deploy one. Keep that in mind, array deployer at the intermediate King Level!" Soar teased again as he watched them leave.

Even if Zenith and Soar wanted to kill Boris right then and there, they held back. This was because the forces of both sides were evenly matched.

Perhaps Errol and the array deployer could not outmatch Soar. But it was highly unlikely that Soar could defeat both of them, not to mention killing them on the spot.

Since they could not kill their enemies, there was no point starting a fight. They could keep fighting until one party was all dead, but it would be useless to do it now.

"Ho!" Having made sure that Boris was completely gone, Zenith and Elder Evan were finally able to relax. Trapped in the King-slaughtering Array, all they had expected was impending death.

It had been a long time since they had to face and survive their own death.

They sincerely thanked Soar again, utterly grateful that he had helped them leave with their lives.

"Soar, please tell us who your brother is," Zenith p

e murmured their agreement.

They would not allow two Snow Sects at the same time.

"Chief, but I'm afraid you'll have to return to the Snow Sect again after all. Edgar and others are still trapped in the closet in the Zenith Mountain!" Ricky told him.

"I know," Zenith nodded.

"Chief, please take Soar with you. You are still very weak now," Ricky continued.

"Fair enough." Zenith accepted the offer. "Elder Evan, please take them to the place we agreed on."

"Copy that, Chief Zenith." Elder Evan smiled and nodded.

Zenith and Soar now departed for the Snow Sect.

"I hope Boris will let them go without causing too much trouble," Ricky anxiously said.

"Don't worry. Since Boris chose to retreat his allies, he will not fight with Chief Zenith again for Edgar and the rest. They can't recover fast within such a short time, unless they have some rare Treasures from Heaven and Earth," Elder Evan reminded him.

"Yes!" "That's true!" the others agreed.

"By the way, Elder Evan, where are we going?" Ricky wondered curiously.

"Aha, you will see. Come with me!" Elder Evan said, gesturing.

He lead the group out of the canyon and headed deep into the heart of the snowy mountains.

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