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   Chapter 371 Balance

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 6255

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Along with this deafening sound, a fire ball rose from the valley. It was the Heaven Melting Fire! It came shrouding the vines like a cage.

And then all vines were scorched, ashes scattered, and turned into the force of flushing tree under the work of this Heaven Melting Fire. It then destroyed the indigo-lined array with all its might.


This sound screeched as if it was really from a dragon. A giant, crimson serpent, glowing brightly as the sun, swept towards Errol and the array deployer from below with an indestructible power.

Tumbling! They were both forcibly pushed back by such irresistible rampage.

As a second class middle spiritual king, there was no way for Errol to withstand Soar even at his highest peak. Unlucky for them, the array deployer, despite his power of middle spiritual king, was only capable of controlling arrays below intermediate King Level.

Even at his peak, it would take a long time and a mild environment for him to create an intermediate King Level array. Now that he had just been taken aback, he was not able to deploy even an inferior King Level array.

So, facing the reality of how powerful Soar was, he had to back down.

"Have you all forgotten about me? Just so you know, I am the one who shattered this King-slaughtering Array," Soar proudly announced, projecting his gigantic mouth.

"Innate spiritual king beast!" Zenith and Boris uttered in shock.

"My name is Soar," said Soar as he turned to Zenith with a smile on his face. "It was my brother who sent me to save you from this King-slaughtering Array bullshit."

"We are grateful of your kindness and help," Zenith and Elder Evan, along with others, expressed their outpouring gratitude. Judging from what just happened, Soar was indeed helping them.

"Spiritual king beast, if I may know who your brother is…" Zenith grew cur

array deployer, he knew exactly what happened.

"Ha-ha, intermediate King Level array deployer, you can't possibly think that I only destroyed two centers out in the open while missing your other two hidden centers, can you?" Soar snorted as he was boastfully laughing.

"I will be honest. I see right through your King-slaughtering Array. Your centers visible out in the open were just disguise. You cannot fool me with those fake array centers.

So not only did I destroy two fake centers, I was also able to infiltrate the other two hidden ones. Sorry but your intermediate King-slaughtering Array is useless now."

Soar made a face to annoy the array deployer.

However, this array deployer was still powerful and experienced so he would surely recover over one defeat.

"It appears that you have learned quite a lot. I lost this time, but I have your face and scent etched to my memory," said the array deployer in an impossibly calm manner.

He also looked at Boris and expressed his regret. It was clear that the King-slaughtering Array had failed them so they would rely on their own power from now on.

"Ha-ha, Boris! Looks like the odds are in my favor after all!" Table had just turned, and Zenith laughed once again.

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