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   Chapter 370 Hah-hah! Do You Remember Me

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The energy of an array deployer of the intermediate King Level was way too incredible, especially in this King-slaughtering Array. Though the array was broken, its power was still too huge to ignore.

The situation was even grimmer for Zenith and his subordinates because their once promising strength was now running short.

"Zenith, we are of the same sect. You know I don't want to kill you with my hands. If you hand over the golden token of the sect chief and surrender yourself, I'll show you mercy by at least giving you a decent death." Seeing the gloomy faces of Zenith and Elder Evan, Boris grinned hideously, as if he was being sarcastic.

If he could get everything without any effort, he wouldn't bother to begin a fight with Zenith.

"I hope you are not being afraid of having a battle between us, Boris," Zenith sneered. Though he was at a disadvantage, he didn't want to give up that easy or just even show weakness to his opponent.

"Maybe I'll die today. But one or two of you will go to hell with me. I promise you!" Zenith clenched his fist and shouted with all his might. His face turned crimson red, ferocious with fury.

Even a strong and peaceful innate spiritual king would be driven crazy when pushed over the edge.

Hearing Zenith's words, Boris and the other two innate spiritual kings all clenched their teeth, as their faces darkened because they knew he was telling the truth. If Zenith would put up a desperate fight, he would definitely end the life of at least one of them. After all, Zenith was a middle spiritual king.

Both Boris and Errol turned their eyes to that array deployer.

The array deployer hesitated for a while and nodded his head stone-faced. He was pretty confident of his own strength which he was the only one who knew about.

The array deployer's confidence encouraged his companions. They turned and fixed their cold and sharp eyes on Zenith.

"Since you are so confident about yourself, Zenith, let's not waste our time arguing. Make your move and we'll fight! You have been trapped in the King-slaughtering Array for one month and a half already. I wonder how much strength you were able to scavenge now," Boris let out an annoying smirk, as if challenging Zenith.

Boom! Hardly had he finished his words, the aura that typically belonged to a middle spiritual king burst out like a violent storm. The earth trembled and the mountains swayed

air and leapt up at the warriors like green pythons ready to lynch them.

At the same time, the array deployer also activated his power. Intricate green runes appeared on his forehead and soon spread across his whole body. The moment he gestured with his hands, the green runes floated out from his body and settled on Errol's sturdy vines.

All of a sudden, the innate power filling the air all flowed into the vines which multiplied their already strong power.

The attacks of the enemies were so fierce that Elder Evan and the other warriors were unable to counter them.

"Do you think two lower spiritual kings can kill my men before my eyes?" Zenith's eyes darted over to his enemies in a gasp. He stepped forward and blocked their attack with a frozen ice palm.

However, his attack was also blocked by another palm. It was Boris, who was grinning sarcastically. The battle was in a deadlock, about to be a draw.

Zenith's face suddenly displayed worry.

He could destroy Boris's attack before with great ease. Even if Boris would be replicated thrice, Zenith could surely win against him before. Sadly, Zenith was reaping the consequences of being trapped in the King-slaughtering array for a long time.

"Hah-hah! Zenith! Why is it so difficult to for you to accept the fact that I'm now stronger than you? It's too late for all the regrets. Just keep your eyes wide open and watch how I end the lives of your subordinates!" Boris said with a tremendous laugh.

"Hah-hah! Do you forget about me? It seemed that you guys have forgotten who it was that broke the King-slaughtering Array!"

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