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   Chapter 369 The Confrontation To The Enemy

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There were intermittent bursts of green light as the King-slaughtering Array was broken. Everything was as it was, the array was no longer around to limit Ricky.

Ricky felt a strong pull in his heart. He could feel it pounding against his chest. There was a strong murderous energy permeating in the air.

"Ha-ha, the King-slaughtering Array is finally broken!" Ricky cheered.

All their desperate resistance and efforts were not in vain.

"How come you know this King-slaughtering Array?!" Ellison bellowed. His face contorted into anger after hearing Ricky laugh. He was aghast that Ricky broke through the center of the King-slaughtering Array.

"Did you really think I came all the way here just to get myself killed?" Ricky announced proudly, knowing that he already had the upper hand between them.

"You've been stalling time. You must have someone with you to break the center in the King-slaughtering Array," Ellison accused. He was racking his mind for plausible reasons how Ricky broke through it.

To say that he was angry would be an understatement. He thought he had Ricky wrapped around his finger. But the tables have turned and now he was faced with trouble. Ellison admitted that he became a little careless by playing with Ricky.

It dawned on him that he was the one being played by Ricky.

He became a victim of his own cleverness. He was too lax and now he is faced with disaster. This whole ordeal was too much for his conceited personality.

"Go to hell!" Ellison finally snapped. All of his anger converged into one powerful slap. Even if he smashed Ricky's head into pieces and sent him into the eighteenth layer of hell, his hatred could never be eased.

"Ha-ha!" Seeing how angry Ellison was, Ricky laughed happily and loudly.

He then activated his energy and entered the Chaotic Fire Zone with his Iron Destroyer.

Now that the King-slaughtering Array was broken, the sealed zone was open again. He could get into the Chaotic Fi

me, either. It only belongs to the Snow Clan and they simply entrusted it to me, for now."

"Ha-ha, you are in the right and proper position. So you can justify whatever you want and make it legit." Boris cursed, "Let's make it quick. Since array didn't kill you, let me be the one to do it for you."

"Being trapped in the array for a month and half, you definitely lost most of your power. Today is your last day."

"Yes, I may have lost most of my power due to the array, but so were you. You combined all your powers with the array, but it was broken at the prime time. You also suffered great loss," Zenith responded, unwilling to show any chink in his armor.

Judging from the power flowing around the two teams, it was clear that neither of the them was in their best form to fight.

"You may be right, Zenith. But don't forget that we have three innate spiritual kings, and one of them is an array deployer at the intermediate King Level. Your power is much less than it used to be so it's easier to kill you at this state," Boris snorted.

"Though the King-slaughtering Array was broken, its power could still be tremendous when controlled by an array deployer at the intermediate King Level. You must die today!"

Boris roared ferociously. Zenith fell silent and turned gloomy. He knew Boris was right.

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