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   Chapter 368 Breaking The Array

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Millions of black, snake-like flames appeared out of nowhere with the Blood Vitality Devouring Skill. They permeated among the several puppets' bodies along the crack of the skill, burning rapidly.

Under Ricky's intense exertion, fierce Heaven Illuminating Fire burned towards Ellison.

"Damn it!" Ellison shouted angrily at the sight of Ricky bursting out the black fire. It was no ordinary flame. It felt ominous! Right now, he was feeling immense regret that he did not kill Ricky with his full power right at the beginning!

Though he would lose a strong puppet, he would be free from any other sources of stress. He did not like dealing with unnecessary stress at all. If not for Kinsey who told him that a warrior with a splendid history of challenging higher-level opponents had shown up, he would never have come here!

Ellison clasped his hands rapidly and released black waves. In one second, Ellison made a defense array. He was now able to use the power in this space to create a shield against Ricky's Heaven Illuminating Fire.

However, it was impossible for him to find out what the Heaven Illuminating Fire's specialty was.

The shield that the array constructed would only become the fuel for the Heaven Illuminating Fire! And with this added energy, it would burn even more vigorously! So the power of the resistance which Ellison condensed using the array only worked against him!

His array took up a great amount of space, which the Fire soon spread over. He was covered and burned at once.

"How is this possible! What is this fire? How could it burn the spiritual energy and the array?" Ellison exclaimed in surprise.

But even if his mind refused to accept it, his body could feel the Heaven Illuminating Fire beginning to strongly burn him.

It was obvious that Ellison was experienced in deadly combats, so he sobered up instantly. He increased the incomplete innate power of his body and continued to emit black waves. They fused with the innate power and became a shield again.

This new shield enlarged and drove the Heave

o pieces!" Ellison shouted with a devilish look again on his greedy face.

He was more interested in obtaining this strange fire than acquiring Ricky's body!

"You wish!" Ricky replied indifferently.

"Then I will get it myself," Ellison fumed.

He slowly walked towards Ricky, and the seal array deployed around his body. He was extra careful now, because he was afraid that Ricky would launch another surprise attack and cause him to suffer losses again.

As Ellison walked up to Ricky, he divided a part of the seal array to seal the Heaven Illuminating Fire around Ricky's body.

"I'd like to see what moves you have!" Ellison said in a cold voice, staring deep into Ricky's eyes. He also rose up the incomplete innate power to defense.

With the double defenses of the array and the incomplete innate power, Ellison did not believe that this dying warrior could make any more trouble for him.

"Go to hell!"

Ellison's right hand emitted the incomplete innate power and the power of the array, and he aimed at the top of Ricky's head.

At the same time, Ricky was ready to burst out the blood vitality in the Devourer Zone to launch his last attack.


But all of a sudden, the entire King-slaughtering Array vibrated violently and caused a chain reaction in the whole valley.

The center of the King-slaughtering Array had obviously been broken!

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