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   Chapter 367

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 6353

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As the black lines spread rapidly, the energy ball grew even more powerful.

The three puppets struck the energy ball forcefully with their palms, and immediately it turned to a huge black palm!

It kept on absorbing energy that came from the magic array. Terrifyingly, the black lines expanded constantly in Ricky's direction, as if it was going to lock the space around Ricky so that he couldn't evade the attack.

Seeing the huge black palm and the black lines, Ricky sensed strong danger. He knew that he shouldn't retreat. Otherwise, he would be killed soon if he assumed a passive position!

Besides, according to the situation at hand, he couldn't escape even he retreated, because the speed of these puppets' attacks would make sure he would die if he so much as tried.

"Since I can't escape, I have to fight. I don't believe that you can kill me with one move!" Ricky shouted hoarsely, a sharp determination flashing in his eyes.

He was surrounded by countless devouring runes, strongly resembling a bloody God of War.

"Devouring Storm!" he shouted, prompting a huge blood hurricane to appear in the air. The devouring runes spread much like the black lines had done. It looked like they had split the sky and left a huge trench there!

Of course, Blood Vitality Devouring Skill was more powerful than Devouring Storm, but it was the last move Ricky could use. Once he dispatched this skill, Ricky would have no strength to fight again.

Ricky didn't think that he could resist the attack of the huge black claw with his Blood Vitality Devouring Skill. Even if he could, this attack might only be one of Ellison's more common ones.

In order to buy more time for Soar, Ricky had to reserve some energy after he used this skill so that he could attack again. In other words, before Soar could come to help him, he had to continuously fight!

In a few seconds, the black lin

ing in a deafening noise. The energy wave blanketed everything and the whole area exploded!

Ricky spit out another mouthful of blood and then was injected out from the energy wave. He was slammed to the ground, digging a furrow with the momentum of his body.

"You're so stupid! How could an ant shake a tree?" Ellison screamed maniacally as he watched Ricky fly away under the impact of the energy wave.

He flew to Ricky's body, wanting to make sure he was dead. Oh, how he desperately wanted to crush this ant into pieces! But it would be a waste of such a strong flesh body.

"Blood Vitality Devouring Skill!" Suddenly, a voice rang out under the dusty tunnel and countless little blood-red mouths rushed toward Ellison, opening wide to bite him.

"You're still alive?!" Ellison shouted with disbelief, startled by the sudden attack.

He summoned his storage ring again and a battalion of puppets appeared. They stood in front of Ellison to block the attack of these little mouths.

With eerie sounds, these little blood-red mouths began to

bite and devour the puppets.

Gruesomely, the three of the puppets began to bleed profusely!

"Heaven Illuminating Fire, burn him!" Ricky's angry voice rang out again. Ellison's eyes widened in shock!

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