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   Chapter 366 Puppet Array Deployer

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"I know that you are a one-in-a-million talent who can defeat others of the higher grade than you, but you couldn't help yourself to be so arrogant and conceited," Ellison said with a disdainful smile after hearing what Ricky had said. "It is a pity that talents like you exhibiting such unwarranted attitude will finally become part of my corpse collection.

With that being said, you won't be an exception."

Ellison was gathering his depleting energy. Obviously, he had reached the inferior stage of Demi-immortal. However, it wasn't that terrible. The most terrible thing was the noticeable lines on his forehead.

The lines were even blacker than onyx. The dark purple lines meant that Ellison was an array deployer at the Demi-king Level.

The level of the array deployers consisted of inferior, intermediate, and advanced. These three levels respectively corresponded to three innate levels of martial arts world. The lines on the foreheads of array deployers at these three levels were as black as midnight.

And the lines on the foreheads of array deployers of King Level were cyan like the vast body of water. Lastly, the array deployers of Emperor Level who were much higher than the others which were mentioned have golden lines on their foreheads as markings.

Like the others, Ricky didn't know if higher array deployers than Emperor Level was existent, but he surely felt that it was possible.

"The array deployers at the Demi-king Level? Sure, but you have to let me know your arrays' power," Ricky said with firm resolution. However, Ricky mumbled a prayer to himself. He hoped that Ellison's arrays' power wouldn't be too much more than the intermediate level of demi-immortal.

Otherwise, he was doomed to die instead just being bruised losing the battle.

"Okay, let's begin with the Puppet Trio Array!" Ellison said coldly as if he was really disinterested.

As the dark purple lines on his forehead produced great power, the space around Ellison was full of many complicated and sequential line arrays.

At once, Ricky felt that Ellison was taking his time quickly gathering the energy in the space and putting it directly in his arrays.

'Lucky for me, he didn't use the power of King-slaughtering Array, ' Ricky thought to himself convincing his nerves to relax. After all, the power of King-slaughtering Array was almost as strong as the real innate power.

Then, Ricky saw Ellison's storage ring on his firm finger when he proudly raised his right hand.

Next, Ellison sh

destroyed by cyan fists while the remaining fists gave him vigorous punches he couldn't physically shield himself from.

Gladly, he was at the Eighth Degree of Nine-degree Body Refining Formula and was immune to the remaining fists.

Otherwise, he could have endured more injury under this attack. Thanks to the Eighth Degree of Nine-degree Body Refining Formula, he was still at the peak of combat power.

Boom! Boom! Ricky stood up at once after rolling over a few times. He immediately retreated and kept his distance from the three puppets without even wiping the blood from his mouth.

He was surely going to resist three puppets face to face this time. Otherwise, they would surround him so they could give him deliberate hits he won't be able to resist.

Though he was at the Eighth Degree of Nine-degree Body Refining Formula, he would definitely get badly injured as he couldn't withstand two attacks that powerful.

"What a strong puppet I can make with your body! I am looking forward to it. It's so interesting!" Ellison was truly amused when he saw that Ricky was still able to bounce back and exert his power despite the tremendous damage brought by his puppets' attacks.

With a will to destroy, Ellison took full control of three puppets, made them line together in a snap without any hesitation. Then, their power gathered, merged in a sphere, and retained a grand energy so promising of destruction.

In the next moment, there were signs of dark purple lines on the surface of the sphere.

It was obvious that Ellison didn't want to play games with Ricky anymore. All that he wanted was Ricky's corpse and he would do whatever it took to get it.

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