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   Chapter 365 Ellison

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 9000

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"Ricky, then what about us?" Edgar asked.

"Edgar, you'd better stay in the courtyard for now. If I am not wrong, there should be a secret basement inside the room where the Chief stays. Before we come out, you can stay in the secret basement and wait for us," Ricky said.

"I see!" Edgar nodded when he heard what Ricky said.

Although they wanted to join in the action instead of just staying there and waiting for the results, they understood that if they went with them, they would just be a burden on them.

Ricky and Grace then headed for the valley.

As for Soar, he was taken back to the Chaotic Fire Zone by Ricky before they left. According to what Doris said, an innate spiritual king was not allowed to enter the array. If Soar wanted to enter the array, the only way was to hide inside the Chaotic Fire Zone and be taken in when Ricky went inside.

Everyone believed that he had a spiritual space tool with him anyway. In that case, he could use his Chaotic Fire Zone as a spiritual space tool.

Ricky and Grace went to the King-slaughtering Array straightforward in a nonchalant manner. They wanted to attract Kinsey's attention as much as they possibly could. Their distraction would guarantee that warriors, including Edgar, would be much safer.

"Master Grace, after we arrive at the outside of the array, you need to stall Kinsey for us. I will deal with anything else that happens!" Ricky communicated telepathically with Kristen using his internal power.

"Okay, take care of yourself. Don't push yourself too much if something gets out of control. You need to pay special attention to the disciple of that array deployer to see whether he will take action," Grace said, reminding Ricky to be careful.

With the leadership of Grace, a genius at the demi-immortal level, it took them only one hour to arrive at the canyon.

There was originally snow and ice everywhere in the Snow Mountains. At that moment, they could only feel a strong and deadly aura around the canyon. The deadly aura was strong enough to penetrate their hearts and make them frightened.

'What a strong deadly aura! It really deserves the name of the King-slaughtering Array, ' Ricky exclaimed to himself after he felt the strong aura spreading over the outside of the whole canyon in front of him.

"Soar, please remember that you have only one chance. You can't take action until we find where the center of the array lies. Once you attack and unleash the innate power in the array, the three innate spirits who are responsible for preserving the array will instantly wake up from their state of maintenance. Then, they will activate the power of the array. If that happens, you

. I won't leave you alone," Soar rejected the idea.

"Soar, you must remember that you only have one chance to attack. Don't waste it on this guy. Why are you so worried; don't you believe that I can defeat this guy on my own?" Ricky asked in a low voice.

"I didn't mean to doubt you. You know that we are inside the enemy's array. It's too dangerous for you to face the enemy alone," Soar said.

"Don't worry. I don't want to die early, so if you don't want me to die early either, just follow the plan that we made. Find the centers of the array and break them as soon as possible," Ricky said firmly. "Remember what we came here for and focus on it, okay?"

"We shouldn't risk your life; we should ask Doris for help instead!" Soar said.

"If I ask others for help, I would not be Ricky. In that case, you, as a Great Dragon, would have no need to follow me anymore," Ricky replied stubbornly.

"Okay, I see what you mean. Hang in there! I will be back as soon as I can," Soar added, getting up to sneak away. His aim was to look for the centers of the array, so he had to keep that in mind.

"Who are you?" Ricky asked in a low tone while looking at the young man warily.

"I am Ellison, an array deployer at the Demi-king Level. I am fond of collecting the corpses of geniuses who fight me; especially geniuses like you who can challenge those stronger than you. Seeing you smug people reduced to dead bodies is the most beautiful form of art in my opinion." The young man gave Ricky an eerie smile.

Ricky could feel strong murderous intent and a strong aura of maleficence from the man's smile, which irked him a lot.

"If you want to get my corpse, just let me see how powerful you are, great array deployer at the Demi-king Level!" Ricky said in a mocking tone.

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