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   Chapter 364 The King-slaughtering Array

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"Indeed, you should never come back!" Grace was extremely worried. "Even though you gained great power, you still have a long way to go if you want to compete with Kinsey."

"If I don't come back, won't you all be too lonely here?" Ricky burst in laughter over his own remark.

Heather and others were touched by Ricky's statement, their eyes starting to well up with tears they were trying to hide.

"Why are you sad? I came back to get you out of here instead of throwing myself into unavoidable danger," Ricky teased, at the sight of their mixed emotions they couldn't suppress.

"Ricky, it's not a good time to make fun of us!" Agnes replied softly as if slightly offended from jests.

"I believe Ricky will help us out," Dora giggled with great admiration, which seemed funny to others, especially to Agnes.

"Well, let's get down to business. Where is Autelan?" Having heard Dora's word, Ricky was a bit embarrassed and kind of pressured so he quickly diverted the conversation to a new topic relevant to them.

"Right after you left, Autelan went out with Olivia to cultivate his skills. I think they have already left the Realm of Wildness," Edgar suggested.

"Autelan is traveling around the world with such beauty by his side," Ricky snorted.

"Ricky, if you want to travel around the world, I would like to go with you," Dora proposed, turning her charming and eager eyes to Ricky jokingly.

"Idiot! You are hopeless!" Agnes and Heather glared at Dora.

"Huh?" Ricky was puzzled.

But what just had happened eased the tension and sadness in the room.

"Ahem! Dora, now's not the time to make jokes. Let's talk about how to break the array and save the Chief Zenith and others later." Ricky coughed and modulating his voice to sound serious.

"To break the array? Ricky. That's impossible!" Edgar contradicted.

"Edgar, nothing is impossible in front of me!" Ricky grinned as if fear was not an option.

The next thing they knew, Soar flew from Ricky's shoulder as everyone's attention transitioned to him.

Turning in circles, Soar transformed into a human. H

he would be able to discover Doris.

"As for this King-slaughtering Array, it is not well deployed yet with two key points in it. You can break it with the power of lower spiritual king. Let me tell you more."

Doris enumerated to Ricky all the characteristics of the array and the location of its two centers.

"Thank you, Doris!" Ricky thanked her with great sincerity for she helped him plot a plan in his mind.

"I can help you if you might need more help later," Doris offered out of the blue.

"Doris, you already helped me a lot. If I fail to solve this problem after the clues you have told me, how can I be an innate spiritual emperor within ten years as I promised? So just watch the show later," Ricky replied confidently, not letting Doris feel a slight of worry.

"Ha-ha! Alright. Then I'll stay here and watch how you use your power to break the array. Meanwhile, you'd better release your brother only after you find the centers of the array, or he can't even get into the array at all."

Knowing that she was not needed anymore, Doris disappeared.


"Ricky, what are you looking at? Shall we go and break the array?" Soar consistently asked.

"Master Grace and Soar, please follow me to the canyon," Ricky stated with his firm eyes ready to figure out the best thing to do.

"As you wish!" Grace just agreed and placed her full trust in Ricky's decision.

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