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   Chapter 363 The Situation In The Snow Sect

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If Kinsey initiated an attack, Soar would definitely fight back to protect Ricky. They were only a hair away from an intense fight.

At this point, a figure quickly appeared in the sky however. It was a figure that Ricky was quite familiar with because she was someone he had missed so much. The figure stretched out her hand and blocked Kinsey's attack.

"Master Grace!" Seeing that figure, Ricky excitedly called out her name. He nearly shed tears of happiness.

This figure was Grace.

"Yes!" Looking at Ricky, Grace nodded warmly.

No matter what happened, she was always so calm and collected; that was her character. Others in the area could see that she was as excited to see Ricky as Ricky was to see her.

"I was wondering who that was, and it turns out that it is you, Grace." Seeing Grace, Kinsey did not attack either of them again. His cold smile turned back into a gentle one.

"Brother, your master is not a simple person. She has already reached the limit of a demi-immortal," Soar said secretly to Ricky. "It seems that I don't need to participate in the battle anymore."

'It may not be as bad as I thought, ' Ricky thought to himself since Grace was there.

"Kinsey, just drop it. Now, I need to take Ricky away with me. Do you still want to try and stop me?" Grace said lightly as she looked at Kinsey.

"Grace, there is no need to regard me as an outsider. After all, we are all disciples of the Snow Sect," Kinsey said with a smile.

"I am sorry, but I can't regard myself as the same level of disciple in the Snow Sect as you," Grace said in a cold voice. Then, she paid no more attention to what Kinsey was thinking. She went to Ricky while ignoring everyone else and moved to take him with her.

"Grace, if you take him away, you are going against the rules of the Snow Sect. Ricky has killed the hall leader of the Law Enforcement Hall. He has committed a big crime against us. We must abolish his cultivation and expel him from the Snow Sect," Kinsey said coldly, seeing that Grace wanted to take Ricky away. A strong momentum gushed from his body again.

"If the Snow Sect still acted like it did before, I would definitely still follow the rules. Now, it depends on my mood whether I will follow the rules or not," Grace answered coldly. Then she said, "If you want to stop me, you can try."

After saying that, Grace and Ricky went straight to the main area of the Snow Sect and did not return, leaving only

disciples in the Snow Sect were in a panic. They all moved to Boris's side out of fear.

"Master, is what Kinsey said true? Will Chief Zenith and Elder Evan turn into a pool of thick water if they stay in the array for two months? " Ricky asked eagerly.

"Yes, what he said is true. At the beginning, when they were trapped in the array, the sect chief still had power. He secretly carried on that message to me," Grace said.

"There is only half a month left before it happens. If we don't figure out how to save the sect chief or help them escape from there, we can only wait to be killed."

"Damn it!" Hearing Grace's words, Ricky was very angry.

"Master, has the sect chief told you how we can crack the array?" Ricky asked after he got over his anger.

"If we want to break it directly, I'm afraid that we may need the power of an upper spiritual king because the array deployer is at the intermediate King Level," Grace said. "The second method is to find out where the center of the array is. Then, a lower spiritual king would be enough to break it."

"But we cannot do either of the two methods right now," Grace said with a sigh.

As they were talking, they had entered the area that Zenith resided in.

At that point in time, there was only Grace, Heather, Edgar, Monkey Nine, Agnes, Dora, and several loyal disciples left in the yard.

All the other disciples had turned to Kinsey's side.

They were naturally excited to see that Ricky had returned. After the excitement died down, they all became solemn and dignified. They thought that Ricky was incredibly unlucky to have come back at a time like that.

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