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   Chapter 362 Kinsey

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After Ricky had just finished speaking, there was only silence from those standing in front of the Snow Sect. The quiet was as terrible as death.

Looking at the golden figure that slowly receded, their eyes were filled with fear and dullness. At that moment, they realized that the young man in front of them would be unbeatable wherever he went and should not be provoked by those who were not ready to die.

At that moment, the records and miracles that Ricky once set in the Snow Sect came to their mind.

'He's truly undefeated!' 'He has to be the strongest person there!' Those were the only things that they could think of at that moment, and of course, there were also fears that filled their hearts.

At that point in time, the air billowed and dust dissipated. The spectators' eyes that were full of fear and dullness looked at the newly-emerged pit in the ground. In the deep pit, Sean was lying on his side. Blood dyed the bottom of the pit and also covered Sean's lifeless body.

Accurately speaking, Sean was already a corpse at that moment. He was no longer breathing and his entire upper body was a bloody mess. No one knew whether his upper body had been smashed or crushed within the deep pit, for it was too hard to see.

Seeing such a bloody scene, the disciples of the Snow Sect felt a sinking feeling in their hearts again. They could not help but be afraid of Ricky and the things he could do.

"Has he already become a demi-immortal?" all the disciples asked with disbelief in their voices.

The truth was already in front of them and they had to believe it. If he were not a demi-immortal, how could he kill Sean with only one punch? Sean was indeed a powerful man who had already reached the ninth grade of Bone Reinforcement, so how could he be beaten otherwise?

'He is now so strong and miraculous!' A disembodied voice could then be heard in the hearts of the disciples.

At that moment, they did not dare to move or escape. They were afraid that they would become Ricky's next target. Undoubtedly, they had no more courage to resist Ricky.

"Who can tell me what the Law Enforcement Hall is?" Ricky did not even look at Sean's ragged and bloody corpse that was laying in the pit. He turned and spoke to the disciples in a cold voice instead.

In the past, Sean was really an insurmountable opponent that had overshadowed Ricky, but now he was just a body at Ricky's feet. To Ricky, he could not possibly take a second look at the piece of garbage he had once hated.

That was because his character was also arrogant, disdainful, and murderous. He never showed the dark sides of h

ne core disciple of the Snow Sect who is referred to as the smiling tiger," Ricky responded calmly.

After Kinsey heard Ricky's words, his face darkened. He even looked a little ferocious because he disliked the nickname very much.

However, a moment later, Kinsey regained his gentle smile.

Then, he finally stated his purpose. "Well, Ricky, let's cut the crap now. As long as you hand over the spiritual space tool that you carry, I can make the decision that all the crimes you committed today are not to be counted. You can take Sean's place and become the hall leader of the Law Enforcement Hall because I am feeling so generous."

"You can really make that decision?" Ricky's tone became gloomy again when he heard that. He spoke coldly, saying, "Now, who is currently in charge of the Snow Sect?"

"Ha-ha, of course it is Chief Zenith who makes all the major decisions, but he will not ask about such trivial matters," Kinsey said with a smile.

"What happened to Chief Zenith then? Where is he?" Ricky asked in a low voice.

"Ricky, of course Chief Zenith is staying here within the sect. Nothing bad has happened to him or anything like that," Kinsey said with a smile. "So, if you hand over the spiritual space tool, I will take you to see Chief Zenith later."

"No need. I can go by myself." After responding to Kinsey, Ricky was ready to rush off to the Snow Sect.

"Ricky, I advise that you don't choose the hard way," Kinsey said with a sneer when he saw Ricky rushing toward the Snow Sect main area. It seemed like Kinsey's tone revealed his real intention of killing Ricky for the first time.

All of a sudden, Kinsey was forced to stop being so falsely kind to Ricky and show him he had no choice in the matter.

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