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   Chapter 361 Deter With Only One Punch

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 7578

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The young core disciple tried to hit Ricky but was prevented by a whoosh and a figure moving as fast as lightning. He barely noticed it out of the corner of eye before he realized the powerful strength from the figure had already destroyed his spine.

Bang! In the next moment, a loud thump rang out through the clear air. The core disciple rolled around on the ground. Dust clung to him all over his convulsing body as he groaned in pain.

The unexpected scene made all disciples quiver, even Sean was not an exception. He could not believe what was actually happening. Even Sean did not expect that Ricky would suddenly attack so promptly like that in retaliation.

'Is Ricky more powerful than me now?' Sean could not help wondering.

He dismissed that thought immediately, though. It was not even possible. When Ricky disappeared, he had just achieved the peak of Blood Purification. There was no way that Ricky was able to surpass him in less than one year.

Besides, he was near a break through. With a little more innate power, even if it was incomplete, he would become a demi-immortal.

He did not believe Ricky possessed more strength than him because of that.

'How dare that idiot underestimate Ricky in such a way?' Ricky couldn't have surpassed me, '' Sean thought to himself with contempt. Sean naturally assumed that the core disciple was defeated because of his ignorance.

''The Law Enforcement Hall, huh? So, show me how you execute the law!'' Ricky shouted ferociously with his right hand misted with flame. He aggressively glared at Sean as a challenge.

After seeing all that, Ricky already knew that the whole Snow Sect must have gone through tremendous changes for the worst. Sean had become the hall leader, which meant most of the reigning power of the Snow Sect must now belong to Boris.

In that case, Ricky decided he should just directly start killing with no mercy.

Besides, Ricky did not plan to fix the situation with negotiation from the very beginning. All those things could only be fixed with strength. The fighting was just a little ahead of schedule.


After Ricky finished his serious declaration, all the disciples were deterred by his tone and retreated back step by step.

Ricky's ov

cky with palm attacks many times more than he could count. Each one turned into several more fierce wind blades. The sky was full of wind blades made by Sean in the blink of an eye.

The wind blades lacerated through space, targeting Ricky's Scorching Golden Fist like a rains of arrows falling from the sky.

Boom! In the next moment, the two strikes collided with each other.

However, the collision was not as fierce as the spectators had imagined. All of a sudden, Sean was completely defeated.

The furious wind blades were all ruthlessly destroyed by Ricky's Scorching Golden Fist. Sean's struggles were all in vain, and there was no way he could defend himself.

The air was filled with the echoes of a loud cracking sound.

Sean could only hear the sound of the punch before the shiny Scorching Golden Fist had already hit his face.


Then, before his terrified eyes could find the attack, the Scorching Golden Fist directly struck Sean's face. The explosive golden light swallowed everything with a heavy sound like an explosion.

In the golden light, Sean could barely manage to scream before he was killed. The sound of spraying bloods could still be heard as he died.

A cloud of dust was launched into the air from where Sean fell.

Meanwhile, Ricky came down from the sky and landed in the ground.

''I have been preparing for so long to finally get to take you down. That is the last fight you'll ever get to see, Sean!'' said Ricky in a calm yet slightly smug voice.

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