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   Chapter 360 Going Back To The Snow Sect.

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 8702

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"Ricky, with your talent, I believe you can become an innate spiritual king very quickly," Soar said.

"I really look forward to it," Ricky said with a nod.

Subsequently, the two continued to move forward, heading for the Snow Sect.

At that point, the two brothers no longer needed to go on foot. Soar had the blood of the Great Dragon, so he could move forward with the help of the force of space. Though Soar had not yet consolidated his current strength, at that moment, after breaking through to the realm of innate spirit, there were not any problems in taking another person along.

"Soar, you have broken through to the realm of innate spirit. I think you will be more helpful to the restoration of the Heaven Melting Pagoda now. I think I will terminate the contract with the Heaven Melting Pagoda and give it back to you," On their journey, Ricky used his internal power to communicate telepathically with Soar.

Immediately, Ricky dispatched the master and servant contract with the Heaven Melting Pagoda from his Soul Sea; then he gave the Heaven Melting Pagoda to Soar.

When the Heaven Melting Pagoda was given by Ricky to Soar, there was no need for any contract. The Heaven Melting Pagoda automatically integrated into Soar's body naturally without any trouble.

"Ricky, thank you very much," Soar said excitedly.

"Soar, you are the person I am closest to in this world, so there is no need to say 'thank you' to me," Ricky said warmly. "Can you tell when Alva is going to wake up?"

"Ricky, I have reached the innate spirit realm. The power of the Heaven Melting Fire in my body also has reached the innate power level, which is very helpful to the recovery of the Heaven Melting Pagoda. It should not be more than two months before the hermit spirit of the Heaven Melting Pagoda will wake up," Soar said.

"However, if the Heaven Melting Pagoda wants to be completely restored, it will not be able to rely solely on the warm nourishment of the Heaven Melting Fire. After all, it is so badly damaged that it will still depend on your help in the future. When you become the strongest casting master on the continent, it will only take a minute for you to restore the Heaven Melting Pagoda," Soar said.

"You have great confidence and have learned to flatter me," Ricky said with a smile.


Naturally, the speed of an innate spiritual king was remarkable. In just one and a half days, Soar had returned to the Snow Sect with Ricky.

That was mainly because Soar had just broken through to the realm of innate spirit and had not consolidated his power, ot

aw Enforcement Hall of the Snow Sect. Other than the elders and those higher in position, Sean can do whatever he wants to the rest disciples of the Snow Sect," said some of the disciples as they grinned arrogantly.

"Hey, why do you guys talk so casually like that? You make it seem like, as the hall leader, I randomly enforce the power of the Law Enforcement Hall," Sean said, a little miffed.

Immediately, the disciples realized that they had made a mistake and shut up.

"Since when has the Snow Sect had a Law Enforcement Hall? You are a hypocritical fellow, yet you serve as the hall leader of the Law Enforcement Hall," Ricky said coldly.

At that point in time, Ricky became more and more aware that something was amiss.

"Little bastard, one of the great crimes you committed is that you didn't hand in your treasure to the Snow Sect. Now, you insult the hall leader, which is a second crime. You are really looking for someone to end you. I'll catch you right away," a young core disciple shouted at Ricky. He could no longer bear it. He had reached the seventh grade of Bone Reinforcement and was standing beside Sean.

"You bastard, how thick is your skull? You are brave to speak so much nonsense to me. Why don't you go back and look in the mirror and see what a fool should look like?" After hearing the young man's insulting words, Ricky showed no sign of weakness in response.

"You are a real devil!" Hearing the insulting words from Ricky, the young man was so angry that he roared. How could a little bastard like Ricky dare to shout at him like that!

Immediately, the young man directly burst out the strength he had at the seventh grade of Bone Reinforcement and attacked Ricky with a punch.

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