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   Chapter 359 Innate Spiritual Beast-Soar

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 6894

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It thundered ceaselessly up in the sky. Bolts of thick purple black lightning wriggled around like ferocious, crazed pythons, roaring and rushing towards Soar who was emitting the Heaven Melting Fire. Python-like lightning rushed at him, wanting to completely destroy his body and soul.

This was the supreme enlightenment Thunderstroke Doom. It only stood for two things: destruction and death.

But, after destruction and death came a new life.

Facing such a fierce Thunderstroke Doom, Soar was not afraid of it and he uncoiled his huge body on which the Heaven Melting Fire blazed. Then, his hard dragon scales emitted golden-red light, the mark of his strength.


The strong lightning struck Soar's body, it was as hard as the steel. All that happened were sparks that ricocheted off his scales.

However, this was just the beginning. As time passed, Soar's flesh could no longer withstand the immense pressure. His scales began to break, and his skin underneath had grown bruised everywhere. This was no ordinary thunder. It was created for destruction.

However, at this moment, Soar began to take action and he condensed his strength, which had almost become the real innate power. It fused with the Heaven Melting Fire and attacked the Thunderstroke Doom.

Soar was now in a deadlock, roaring with the pain he was going through.

"Your companion has the intense Great Dragon blood inside his body! His strength is incredible. It's rare that anyone can resist the Thunderstroke Doom. And his flame! It's extraordinary!" Doris said in admiration.

"I heard that every Great Dragon owns a sacred fire. Does your companion get the sacred fire from a Great Dragon? I couldn't help but notice that this flame is quite similar with one of yours."

Doris smiled and looked to Ricky with her icy gray eyes. It seemed that she was looking into his soul.

"Doris, you are worthy overmatch with a keen eye for everything." That was all Ricky could think of saying.

"You really have the gift of the gab!" Noticing Ricky wan

Soar finally became a creature at the real innate spirit realm.

Ricky could not feel Soar's power at the moment. Instead, he sensed a force which was mixed with the space. It was the invisible power of a creature at the innate spirit realm!

"Ricky, I finally reached the realm of the innate spirit. Now I can follow you to the Snow Land and prove myself!" Soar was too excited to restrain his power. He sprang up in front of Ricky, excitedly spinning around.

"Yes!" Ricky nodded vigorously. He seemed to be more excited at seeing Soar's transformation than his own breakthrough!

"Doris, Tina, thank you!" Soar bowed humbly. He was ecstatically grateful for their kindness.

"I just hid this area, Soar. I didn't help you much. It was all you! You're strong, and so was your willpower," Doris replied with a beaming smile.

"You have a great bloodline and the opportunity. Practice more and you will surely have a place on this continent in the days to come."

"I will carry your wisdom with me," Soar nodded gratefully.

"Okay, please do what you have to do now. Tina and I will go back to the airship. Call us once you need any help!" Doris waved, before vanishing into thin air with Tina.

"Soar, that was amazing!" Ricky said, grinning from ear to ear. It was a tremendous thing to watch. He could only imagine what it must have been like for Soar!

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