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   Chapter 358 Soar Broke Through The Thunderstroke Doom

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"Brother, the cultivation methods created by humans are more suitable for your kind to practice, not for us beasts," Soar said as he shrunk his body. He shook his head and added, "Besides, since birth, we beasts can mostly gain better insights into the inherited cultivation methods in our bodies. On the other hand, we are less perceptive about other cultivation methods."

"I see!" Ricky nodded. "Nevertheless, this puts you at a disadvantage."

"Brother, there are advantages and disadvantages of this innate ability of insight. It's indeed difficult for us to learn other cultivation methods. But conversely, the inherited ones are tailor-made for us. We can cultivate any of those methods to their completeness without exerting great effort and first gaining deep insights."

"Well, I can surmise that you beasts have some admiration of us humans. Soar, you know, only the most excellent and gifted human beings are able to practice cultivation methods to completeness," Ricky murmured.

"Brother, we need to pause our conversation here. I think I need to break through the Thunderstroke Doom very soon," Soar interrupted him in a serious tone.

"Are you sure you'll make it?" Ricky asked, instantly somber.

"Brother, you should know that after a long period of constant concentration and consolidation of cultivation, before I entered the scattering land of the ancient battlefield, I could have chosen to break through the Thunderstroke Doom. After entering that place, I even spent a month comprehending the enlightening power derived from the Enlightening Cliff," Soar responded with confidence.

"However if with all these efforts, I will remain unable to break through the Thunderstroke Doom and reach the innate realm, then I don't think that I still deserve my title of the Great Dragon as Heaven Melting Dragon."

"All right Soar. Now that you're confident enough, please proceed," replied Ricky with a nod.

He no longer felt any more worries. All he needed to do was to have faith in Soar and stand behind him.

They exchanged serious glances, expressing their unspoken agreement. Soar made up his mind to break through the Thunderstroke Doom of supreme enlightenment, his spirit shining with determination and courage.

Generally speaking, many of the warriors who enjoyed their status as demi-immortals for decades or hundreds of years didn't dare attem

lts from a distance.

He also sensed that if he had stayed in the area, he would be killed by a thunderbolt at any moment!


While Ricky was lost in thought, the sky was already covered with dense, dark clouds. Suddenly, many purple-black thunderbolts lit up the sky and swallowed up Soar's body!


Dragon noise resounded in the air. Roaring red flames burning in the purple-black thunderbolts turned into an endless sea of fire, wrapping around Soar. He had insisted on enduring the mixed torture of both the sea of fire and numerous destructive thunderbolts that came down from the air.

"How fiercely the fire blazes! How pure the blood of the Great Dragon is! Ricky, he is so extraordinary! If he can gain more blood of the Great Dragon, he is likely to turn into the legendary Great Dragon himself," Doris exclaimed in astonishment after watching Soar going all out.

Soar was in possession of the most powerful blood of the Great Dragon that Doris had had ever laid eyes on!

The Great Dragon was a species of supreme power. Even strong warriors like Doris would surely be amazed at witnessing their full power!

"Doris, gaining the blood of the Great Dragon is no easy task, let alone turning into the Great Dragon itself," Ricky said with a grin.

He felt rather relieved, because her words meant that even she couldn't tell Soar's true identity as the Great Dragon!

"Rumble!" At this moment, the fiercest thunderbolts had amassed high in the sky. It was a pivotal moment. Finally, it was time for Soar to break through the Thunderstroke Doom!

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