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   Chapter 357 Blood Vitality Disassembly

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In the next moment, the two intense moves crashed together. One could still see that the two moves were in a stalemate from within the blast. The duplex venomous palms mixed together and burst out with a strong power. It looked like it was going to destroy the Flame Torrent and make it disperse.

Meanwhile, they caused poison gas to surround the Flame Torrent, trying to erode it.

The Flame Torrent was burning fiercely and emitting scorching heat that could burn anything in its path. From within the Flame Torrent, the power of the Devouring Fire emitted solely as it devoured the intense poison gas.

At the same time, the devouring runes joined in with the Devouring Fire, causing the power of the poison gas to defuse rapidly.

The power of the Double Evil Poisonous Palms was a bit stronger than Ricky's Flame Torrent and it suppressed the Flame Torrent constantly however.

After a long moment of stalemate, the Flame Torrent was thoroughly depleted and the duplex venomous strikes slammed into Ricky. The duplex palms were almost exhausted by Flame Torrent though.

Under the protection of the Eighth Degree of Nine-degree Body Refining Formula, Ricky was hit hard again by the attack but did not get hurt at all.

"Damn it! It's the fucking cultivation method of body refining!" Seeing that Ricky did not get hurt, the Evil Geezers roared resentfully.

Ricky's power couldn't hold a candle to their power, but the gap was not that big. With the Eighth Degree of Nine-degree Body Refining Formula, Ricky couldn't be defeated by them. Ricky couldn't defeated them either since they were indeed too strong for him.

What they had just seen then made them finally understand that Ricky did not fear their poison gas at all. Ricky's fearlessness infuriated them to no end. It had been a really long time since they had suffered such a setback from an inferior fighter.

"Ricky, your current power should be kept in check by the limitation of the inferior stage of demi-immortal. After you level up through the seventh grade of Bone Reinforcement a little, you will get the power of the intermediate stage of demi-immortal," Soar told him.

"If you choose to continue to suppress it, with your intelligence, you can definitely level up and challenge those far stronger than you. That's not necessary though because you have already reached that certain stage where challenges like this won't benefit you anymore."

"I understand what you are saying, Soar. Don't worry about me; I will not level up my power to challenge the stron

as a cultivation method at the advanced stage of Black Level. It was recorded on some parchment made of beast hide.

"Wonderful! Ricky has not got a cultivation method at the advanced stage of Black Level." Knowing the stage of the Blood Vitality Disassembly, Soar was excited.

Soar was always excited to get useful things for Ricky because of their close relationship.

About a quarter of an hour passed, Ricky had restored his energy to its peak. He was also attracted by the Blood Vitality Disassembly at the advanced stage of Black Level.

After a speed-reading, Ricky had a rough idea of the function of the Blood Vitality Disassembly.

The Blood Vitality Disassembly was a kind of secret method. It was a secret method which allowed a warrior to burn his own blood vitality and strengthen his power several times in a short period of time.

The Blood Vitality Disassembly was usually used in hopeless situation where the warrior wanted to perish along with his enemy. The power and blood vitality of the warrior would be completely exhausted after using it.

"The bursting principle of this Blood Vitality Disassembly is the same as my Omnipotent Skill--the Blood Vitality Devouring Skill." Ricky said.

"Hey, Ricky, you know what? If you use the Blood Vitality Disassembly combined with your Blood Vitality Devouring Skill, what would it be like?" Soar asked with a smile.

"Right! That's a good suggestion; why didn't I think of that?" After he heard what Soar said, Ricky was suddenly enlightened.

"Soar, do you want to cultivate this Blood Vitality Disassembly?" Ricky asked after a moment. After all, it would be a triumph card for Soar if he ever trapped in a dire situation.

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