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   Chapter 356 The Evil Geezers

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"Puff!" This abrupt sound came from Lucas. He was seriously injured, spitting out a big mouthful of blood after he had been attacked by his three opponents. Their three fists had pierced through his chest! His life force was ebbing away quickly.

"You… You three..." Lucas snarled angrily with his last breath. Before he could utter another word, he had collapsed on the ground; his eyes were still wide open with a great unwillingness to die. Apparently, he had never once thought that the three would unite together to kill him.

Seeing that Lucas was already dead on the ground, Ricky and the two old men, who were known as "the Evil Geezers", looked at each other, smiled, and burst out the power of their fists tacitly, which all flashed at Lucas' corpse. His body turned into ashes, accompanied by a resounding boom.

Meanwhile, Lucas's storage bag full of treasures was strewn on the ground, but none of them went to pick it up and check what treasures were inside. They had more important matters to deal with.

"Thank you for your cooperation with me."   Ricky broke the silence with a slight smile on his face.

"You little rascal, you are so clever! We didn't expect you to figure out what we were planning to do," one of the old men said, chuckling heartily.

"Actually, it wasn't just a random guess. I could read it in your eyes," Ricky replied. "In your eyes, I saw obvious greed I've never seen before, so I'm sure you two would never share anything with others."

"Ha-ha, little friend, you are so straightforward. No one dares to speak to us in that way,"  the two old men said and burst out laughing as Ricky was right about their obvious greed. Yet before long, their laughter petered out and they regained their strong murderous intent.

They now asked Ricky coldly, "Little friend, tell us now, would you choose to die in a decent way or an ugly way?"

"Ha-ha, I've never thought about which way, so I'll leave the question to both of you!"  Ricky said with a naughty grin.

"But please do tell me your names before you die, because I never kill a man without first knowing his name," Ricky added arrogantly.

"You little brat, just you remember. The two men who will kill you for the treasures are called the Evil Geezers," the two old men replied fiercely after hearing Ricky's arrogant words.

Ricky rummaged through in his mind and found out that he did hear such a name from Tyson. Earlier, Tyson had told him about some demi-immortals within the Sky Manor area, among whom were the Evil Geezers.

According to Tyson, the Evil Geezers did not belong to any force and had no regular place to live. They were just two independent warriors wandering within the entire Sky Manor area and

poison! That's just hilarious!" Ricky said with a light smile.

How could he smile at the moment? Well, it helped that Ricky did not fear poison of any kind!

"Hey, you brat, I hope you can still laugh out loud when we beat the living daylights out of you," the Evil Geezers snarled ferociously. Now they were even more annoyed by his carefree smile.

After a little while, they finally gathered their entire ghost aura and prepared to launch a strong attack.

What about Ricky? He quickly gave up capturing their fast moving figures and retreated from their fighting area. He planned to just burst out his power the moment he saw their attack dashing towards him.

"Bang!"  Under the strong ghost aura, the attack burst out again. It was just the two separate black giant palm attacks coated with black poison.

Piercing through the air, two giant palms hurtled rapidly towards Ricky.

"Hyah!" Ricky roared and began to launch his own attack. Without hesitation, he directly pulled out his saber. Instantly it became united with the power of four kinds of flame, which were transformed into the Flame Torrent abruptly. His swift saber surged furiously toward two black giant palms.

Deep inside, during that dangerous fighting, Ricky actually wanted to burst out the power of the Heaven Illuminating Fire, because, after half a month, he knew it should also have grown considerably more powerful extent in the Chaotic Fire Zone.

But after a second thought, he let this idea go. He was not sure about his control on the Heaven Illuminating Fire. If such a powerful fire got out of control at that place, things would easily become messier than he cared to deal with. He would be stuck in a lot of trouble.

So, he made up his mind that he would only use it once he was able to control it completely.

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