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   Chapter 355 Chased by Lucas

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Right on the edge of the Small World of the Sky Manor, there was a spinney where Ricky sat quietly with his legs crossed. He inhaled deeply and began to cultivate by himself. He was busy cultivating in seclusion at that moment. Soar was beside him and lied down on the ground comfortably. Of course, he was lying down only because he looked like a snake.

Ricky went into the Small World to cultivate after he had collected all his rewards.

But being the Royal Sky Guard, Ricky had the privilege to freely cultivate for another fifteen days in the Small World of the Sky Manor. After that, he would be charged for gold coins, one hundred gold coins a day.

After all, the speed of cultivation in the Small World was three times faster than the outside world, and so was the cost of cultivation resources.

Fortunately, fifteen days was more than enough for Ricky to complete his cultivation.

During that time period, he only had three goals. First of all, he wanted to reinforce his seventh grade of Bone Reinforcement and reduce the after-effects of the overuse of his devouring power to a minimum.

Secondly, he wanted to make the flame of the Heaven Illuminating Fire that Kristen gave him to strengthen and be the fifth flame of his Chaotic Fire Zone. Ricky believed that the flame of the Heaven Illuminating Fire would improve quickly in the help of other forces in the Chaotic Fire Zone and the resources from the Chaotic Region.

At the same time, Ricky also needed to learn how to take full control of the Heaven Illuminating Fire through the Chaotic Fire Zone, which was different from other peculiar fires and sacred fires because it could never burn out.

Thirdly, he needed to learn two more cultivation methods that he had received recently.

Ricky planned to learn the first level of the Smashing Blade Attack, the earth-breaking level, which was officially called the Smashing Land Strike, during these time period. As for the Scorching Golden Fist, Ricky had made a plan that would allow him to bring out bright lights and throw three Scorching Golden Fists at a time.

After Ricky had made up his mind to achieve these three goals, he proceeded to cultivate them naturally in order.

For warriors of any levels, cultivation has always been dull for most of its duration. But if you focused deeply on your cultivation, time would pass more quickly. Therefore, the fifteen days he had passed faster than you would expect.

After going out of the Small World, Ricky visited the Chief of the Sky

cas's men, ' Soar said with his internal power as he observed their behaviors.

'You are right! Maybe this is my chance to defeat them," Ricky replied with his internal power.

Next, Ricky said with a smile, "You have underestimated me. Before you even fight me, you're already discussing how you would distribute my possessions. How dare you disrespect me?"

"Humph! You are about to die. How dare you say such arrogant words? Let's go! Help me defeat this bastard," Lucas said in a disdainful tone.

As soon as he stopped speaking, he began to channel his energy. He was about to launch the fiercest attacks towards Ricky.

Behind Lucas, the two warriors nodded and also channeled their energy to attack Ricky.

'Ricky, please allow me to fight them. I haven't been in battle for a long time, ' Soar begged Ricky.

'Don't worry. When we get to the Snow Land, a huge battle is waiting for us. That would be the perfect time for you to fight. Now, you should rest and leave this to me, ' Ricky replied with his internal power.

All of a sudden, Ricky launched the Flaming Fist to attack his opponents.

It seemed that they were all about to collide with one another simultaneously.

However, something strange happened. The two old warriors changed the direction of their attacks and began to attack Lucas. As for Lucas, he didn't expect the attack and couldn't understand the situation until the two warriors' fists had already punched him in the back. But it was all too late.

Ricky just smiled viciously on what he had witnessed. He had already anticipated it.

At the same time, Ricky channeled his energy to punch Lucas on the chest before he recovered.

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