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   Chapter 354 One More Request

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Floating in the air in front of Ricky was a colorful fruit with the size of about two fists.

It shone brightly as colorful lights radiated from it. Small thin streams of strength and pure energy circled around it slowly. It was, by all means, extremely beautiful and charming.

Ricky's eyes widened at the sight of it. As he stared at it, he suddenly found himself unable to move or utter a word. He could feel the pure energy coming from the small fruit, and there was no doubt that it was extremely invaluable and powerful. He secretly glanced at the Chief from the corner of his eye and noticed how much she seemed to cherish the fruit. 'It must be very difficult for her to give this to someone else, ' Ricky thought.

"Chief, what is this?" Ricky asked in an expectant and exited tone after being completely mesmerized by the fruit for a few minutes.

"It's called the Glazed Fruit," the Chief of the Sky Manor replied. Her face was as expressionless as a cold piece of stone.

"The Glazed Fruit?" Ricky repeated. "I've never heard about it before. Chief, could you please tell me more about it?" Ricky asked as his brows furrowed and a puzzled expression appeared on his face.

"The Glazed Fruit stems out when it absorbs the original energy from the world. Generally speaking, only one Glazed Fruit can appear in one Realm because original energy is extremely rare," the Chief explained. Her eyes were fixed on the shiny object.

"The original energy? What's that?" It was the first time Ricky had ever heard of the original energy, so he raised a question once again.

"All you need to know for the time being is that the original energy is the kind of energy that could be converted into any other kind of power," the Chief said. "As a matter of fact, I actually do not have much information about it either, and even an innate spiritual emperor would also be hardly able to comprehend the original energy. Given that, you still have a long, long way to go before you can digest it."

"Yes, Chief. I understand," Ricky replied with a nod.

The Chief's explanation was quite clear. The original energy was some kind of profound energy that could be rarely found in the world. But if an innate spiritual emperor could not completely comprehend it, then let alone Ricky who was not even an innate spirit yet.

"The Glazed Fruit is a precious fruit which absorbs the original energy from the world. Therefore, it surely carries the original energy. You can convert it into whichever energy you want, and more than that, you wouldn't need to use much power of fire or ice to convert it. Only a little power of fire or ice would be enough to trigger the convention," the Chief continued her explanation to the best of her knowledge.

"Yes, thank you for your kind explanation. I understand it better now. But since the fruit is immensely precious, I think I'd better not..." There was absolutely no doubt that Ricky wanted to have it -- anyone would die to have something that precious. But he also felt that the Chief valued it greatly so he rejected the present instead.

But before he could even finish his words, the Chief of the Sky Manor interrupted him, "You are right. The Glazed Fruit is indeed precious. However, it is useless to me."

"Why?" Ricky asked as he grew even


Ricky understood why the Chief didn't want to do him this favor. It was indeed trouble to some extent. However, this was his only chance of surviving. He had to convince her to help him. He was in dire need of some assistance from an innate spiritual king.

After all, there were too many enemies chasing after him. A little help from an innate spiritual king could mean the difference between life and death for him.

The Chief of the Sky Manor saw everything Ricky was feeling through his eyes. She stayed silent for a while, then she finally nodded and said, "All right. I will help you. But just to be clear, if an upper spiritual king or someone in a higher level than that chases after you, then there will be nothing I could do to help. They are much stronger than I am, as you know.

But if a middle spiritual king or someone in a lower level than that hunts you, then I will definitely keep you safe. You have my word." That was the only concession she could make.

"I appreciate your help very much, Chief!" Ricky exclaimed out loud excitedly, his eyes gleaming with joy. Her final decision encouraged him.

It was much better for him to have a middle spiritual king promise to help him when he found himself in danger in the future.

The Chief of the Sky Manor, on the other hand, decided to agree to help Ricky at last because of two reasons. The first one was the relationship between Ricky and Kristen. Kristen was her younger sister and she cared deeply for her. Kristen had told her everything that happened in the Chaotic Region, and she understood that how valuable Ricky and Kristen's friendship was. They had supported each other and faced many life-threatening situations together.

Another reason was that she truly treasured him as a talented genius. She did not want him to be killed by those spiritual kings. It would be a waste of talent.

As the Chief of the Sky Manor waved her hand again, a white jade tablet appeared in her hand at once. She passed it to Ricky and said, "This is the Nimbus Jade Tablet. Take it. If you ever find yourself in danger, just crumble it and I will come to you within half an hour as long as you are in the Realm of Wildness."

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