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   Chapter 352 The Best Royal Sky Guard.

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It was not easy to cultivate the dual powers. To be able to do this, a warrior must not only have a dual-natured spiritual meridian, but also an unyielding and tough character.

Once a warrior has successfully cultivated the dual powers, his combat capacity would definitely become invincible among the warriors of the same level. This was evidenced by Edgar and Ricky's previous battles.

The only reason why Ricky gave up on cultivating frosty power was because the pace of the cultivation of the frosty power was absolutely nothing compared to that of the space forces. The frosty power became his weak spot, and so he decided to drop it.

'The dual power of thunder and wind is such a perfect match! Under the power of the wind, just as if it were still a manic gale, the destruction of the thunder will be even more intense!' Ricky thought to himself as the emotions inside him welled up.

From this, it seemed that Owen's level had already reached the middle level of a demi-immortal. Now that he was facing the toughest opponent. Ricky was in a somber mood. He knew he was in danger -- a life threatening one.

However, Ricky quickly overcame his fear. He had to have confidence in himself, so he toughened up and urged himself to believe in his own abilities.

Ricky had a unique skill -- the Flame Torrent -- which combined four kinds of flame. Ricky now felt positive about his battle with Owen.

"I can't believe it. The dual powers! Is this Owen's trump card?" The Royal Sky Guards standing at the foot of the stairs exclaimed. It was obvious that they were completely ignorant of Owen's dual powers in spite of the fact that they had worked together for a long time.

Of course, this was mainly because they were a class apart from Owen. The same was also true for Lucas. Among the Royal Sky Guards, no one could stand up to Owen's dual power.

"Damn it! Owen evidently kept his true strength a secret from us. We have completely underestimated him," Tyson said as his lips curled. "I knew he was good, but I never expect he would be this strong."

"Owen!" In that moment, even Lu

e you have won!" Owen said with a smile.

"You know as well as I that I only won due to a technicality, or by a stroke of luck. If we had switched positions before our collision, I would have ended up in your position on the 35th step of the stairs," Ricky explained with a laugh.

"Ha-ha, sometimes all you need is a stroke of luck. You know, I hate losing, but I am a pretty good loser. I am genuinely convinced of your strength now, and I think you certainly deserve the title of the best Royal Sky Guard!" Owen smiled.

"Remember that it's only temporary though."

"Ha-ha, I got it. Let's do it again another time," Ricky answered with a smile.

Then, they both turned to look at the Chief of the Sky Manor as they waited for her final say.

"Congratulations, Russell. As soon as you engrave your name on the golden plaque up there with your fingers, you will be a real Royal Sky Guard," the Chief of the Sky Manor very slowly told Ricky.

"But I am totally exhausted right now," Ricky replied with a smile.

Upon seeing that Ricky was indeed totally exhausted, the Chief of the Sky Manor smiled and snapped her fingers. Within a fraction of a second, the name Russell was engraved on it.

"Ricky, please don't forget that this test isn't really over, because the name on the plaque is not your real name," the Chief of the Sky Manor told Ricky stealthily using her internal power.

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