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   Chapter 351 Dual Attributes Of Thunder And Wind

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 7524

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"Boom! Boom!"

The collision of the two warriors' most powerful strikes instantly resulted in endless sounds of explosion. Numerous waves rippled throughout the air, breaking the space where the collision took place.

But the waves only broke the space momentarily. After all, it was not a collision of genuine innate power.

It was quite sufficient to show how powerful the two warriors were, and how well-matched they were.

The Chief of the Sky Manor had to do something to protect the golden staircase from so many powerful collisions. Due to the vibration of blast waves, many cracks had rapidly appeared on the staircase!

The Chief of the Sky Manor unleashed some innate spiritual energy to mend the cracks, thus rendering the whole staircase stable again.

"This Russell has concealed his strength to a really great extent! It seems that he won Lucas not just because of his devouring power," several Royal Sky Guards exclaimed again as they sensed Ricky's strong power.

"Yes, if Russell had attacked Lucas with this strike, Lucas would surely lose more than the battle!"

"It seems that the Royal Sky Guard as we know it today will soon undergo some changes!"


'Damn it! Go to hell, Russell! I, Lucas, will definitely kill you sooner or later!' Lucas thought ferociously, shouting in his mind.


After the huge staircase was stable, Ricky and Owen channeled all of their strength into the blade strikes they now unleashed. The sounds of explosion were growing more deafening by the minute!

The point where the blade strikes collided was the central locus of all the powers. Suddenly, an explosion came from inside the central point! Two powerful inverse powers broke out, causing the whole space to once again ripple and break for several seconds.

Both Ricky and Owen hadn't anticipated the inverse powers. As a result, they fell heavily on the staircase, leaving two deep tracts on the golden staircase.

As they fell, they dared not relax for even a single second. Ignoring the blood flowing out of their mouths and the pain in their bodies, both of them activated their powers to stop themselves from falling any lower. Once they fell off the thirty-sixth step, they would be technically considered los

But this time, he didn't need to fuse his body with the runes. What he needed to do was explode the Omnipotent Skill with his saber skills as well as fuse the powers of the four kinds of fire.

With the influx of the chaotic fire rune, the four clouds of flames now turned into a torrent!

"Though you haven't given your attack, I have already sensed the danger of your strike. I had never met this kind of power before! I will also fight you with my strongest power," Owen said lowly, his eyes fixed on Ricky's Iron Destroyer.

"I'm looking forward to seeing your mightiest move!" Ricky replied, slashing his Iron Destroyer through the air at lightning speed.


The thunderous power Owen had accumulated now reached its ultimate state. Purple thunderbolts surrounded his hair, highlighting their capacity for destruction.

'The ultimate state of thunder destruction?' Ricky thought to himself, feeling a little disappointed. If this was the most Owen could do, it was unlikely that he could withstand his strike.

However, just as Ricky finished his thought, another kind of power broke out from Owen's body. It was the power of the wind, the most frantic kind that howled like a typhoon.

Between Owen's purple thunderbolts, numerous blade-like windstorms swept over and mingled with the thunderstorms of destruction.

Finally, Ricky could assess Owen's true strength. There was no doubt that Owen was a cultivator with dual attributes, just like he and Edgar had been!

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