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   Chapter 350 Destroy The Thunder Chop

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One power was destructive while the other was raging, so you could imagine how violently robust the impact could get when the two powers found their way to collision. Moreover, both powers belonged to the coveted and demi-immortal realm.

Ricky, who never expected anything at all, seemed to be on the lower hand in the collision.

First, the realm Ricky had reached was a clear disadvantage for him. Although warriors at the demi-immortal realm could only release incomplete innate power, the power was still far away stronger than that of the Bone Reinforcement realm.

Therefore, in the recent collision, Ricky had to summon the devouring power to destroy or even just diminish the promising strength of the thunder first, and then collided with the ranging power.

'It's unbelievable that a man who embodies such ultimately calm demeanor would have cultivated such a destructive thunderous power!' Ricky thought, sighing in curiosity.

He then realized that he shouldn't fight against Owen again without using the Eighth Degree of Nine-degree Body Refining Formula. The built of a warrior who had cultivated the thunderous power could be the strongest among the warriors who were at the same cultivation stage and could even be stronger and more dangerous than them.

Ricky was aware of Owen's strength and capabilities. If he didn't use the Eighth Degree of Nine-degree Body Refining Formula soon, he would surely be defeated.

Owen was in total disbelief as Ricky was. Although he was not a body refining warrior, his physique was far more vigorous than most body refining warriors after he had cultivated the thunder destructive power.

But he wasn't much ahead of Ricky in the devastating collision.

'Did Russell actually cultivate some body refining cultivation method?' he wondered and pondered about it. He realized if that was the case, he shouldn't compete with Russell in body collision.

Now, both of them were finding ways as to buying more time by introducing one more move.

"Devouring Raging Fist!" Ricky stepped bravely on the flame and proudly waved his fists. The devouring power and the raging power he released merged, spewing and consuming each other until they integrated and rushed out towards Owen.

This punch was undeniably the mightiest blow after he had used the devouring power and raging power.

At the same time, Owen daringly waved his hands as he tried to surpass what his rival was trying to achieve. Endless purple thunder light flashed

t Apperception.

Although the difference was minute at only ten percent, the power difference between the two could reach up to five folds or more.


With constant and unceasing cracks, a number of lights were emitted out. That meant that the collision between the two streaks of saber-light had already reached their designated limit.

"Boom! Boom!" Ricky and Owen had used all their available strength and their eyes shot overwhelmingly like lighting. The moment their saber-light reached the highest level would be the moment they started to attack.

At the same time, they waved the sabers they were forcefully gripping.

Owen was surrounded by the brilliant destructive thunder light. The light was brighter than the sun that people around him almost couldn't open their eyes. The thunder light contained not only a powerful destructive power, but also eighty percent saber-light.

In the blink of an eye, the crack sounds caused by the collision between the thunder light and the space converged onto the blade and found its way to the Purple Thunder Saber.

At once, Owen initiated an attack.

Surrounded by immense thunder light, the huge blade carried destructive power, mighty at eighty percent saber-light.

"Destructive Thunder Strike!"

Owen bellowed in the raging energy wave about to engulf his opponent.

"Devouring Skill-Wrath Killing Strike!" Ricky shrieked in return.

With the merging of all three: devouring, raging, and killing power, the Iron Destroyer unleashed a champion strike, an impact with irrefutable power.


In the sound of the metal collision, two steaks of the grandest force assembled.

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