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   Chapter 349 Challenging The First Guard

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Ricky said as he stared disdainfully at Lucas.

He was teaching Lucas an important lesson: being arrogant might cost him his life especially since there was always someone stronger than him. He also wanted Lucas to know that he could have easily died had Ricky not held back.

Ricky expressed that he would show no mercy and would not hesitate to kill him if he ever tried to pick a fight again in the future.

Lucas, on the other hand, struggled to steady himself on the ground. With one hand, he clutched his chest, panting breathlessly. He heard and understood Ricky, and caught all the implied meanings behind his words. Resentfully, he could not anything but keep silent, in order to not provoke Ricky anymore. This fight had made him painfully aware that he was weaker. Wordless, he staggered to his feet and staggered down the stairs. Before long, he had already disappeared into the crowd and was nowhere to be seen.

All the onlookers--the other Royal Sky Guards--were dumbfounded by what they witnessed. Their jaws were agape as they stared with wide eyes at Ricky. They were completely stunned for a few moments before some of them finally came to and began to whisper secretly with their internal strength. "What? Is this the end of the fight? Lucas lost the battle?! Russell's victory was absolute!"

"Yeah, that's incredible! If Lucas had used some other methods or skills, there would have still been a chance for him to beat Russell. But he chose the devouring power without knowing that Russell has it too! What's more, Russell's is far stronger than his! He was by no means a match for Russell in this respect!"

"I have to admit that Russell has really strong power. I don't think any of us would be able to defeat him. It's probably only that guy who can compete with him!"

The whispers spread over the surroundings. When they mentioned "that guy", all the Royal Sky Guards turned to look at another man in the crowd. He was young, wore simple clothes, and had been silent from the beginning.

The throng began to stir again. "No way! I don't think Chief would send him to fight! He is too strong and might kill Russell! I think the Chief values Russell's genius and doesn't want him die!"

"Well, we have no idea what's on Chief's mind. She has her own plan."

"As you have already witnessed, Chief, I won again this round. May I know the reward?"

Ricky turned around to face the Chief and asked in a politely manner as he made a small bow. Forgetting about the reward was the last thing he would do. Tyson was right; the mysterious reward was one of the main reasons why he had come here to fight today. Defeating others was not reason enough.

"You have a good memory to remember those things. You may come with me and pick out a Treasure from Heaven and Earth of King Level as you wish after we are done here," the Chief replied with a proud glint in her eyes.

"Thank you, Chief! I'm honored," Ricky exclaimed with excitement. A huge grin had spread on his face and his eyes lit up upon hearing her mention the King Level.

At his current level, only Treasures from Heaven and Earth of King Level or something even more superior could whet his appetite.

Other guards could not help but feel jealous of the generous offer from their chief. How they wished they could get such a precious treasure from her too! But they could only dream. N

win and take the title from you!" Ricky replied in a light yet domineering tone, his face blank and emotionless.

"We'll know if you can beat me soon! Our fists will prove which one is stronger!" Owen retorted coldly.

In the blink of an eye, he stamped his feet powerfully. Two deep footprints appeared on the golden staircase at once. Before the prints became solid, Owen had already waved his purple fists, flinging destructive power right towards Ricky's face.

Ricky, on the other hand, threw out his punch at the same time and collided with Owen's fist.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!"

The moment their fists met, thunderclaps echoed through the sky. Lightning sparked all over Owen's whole arm. He exerted his internal strength and channeled it into his arm, then hurled it fiercely towards Ricky. This was a destructive lightning attack!

"Boom! Boom!" Ricky fought back. He let out his raging flame and it turned into hundreds of small fire clouds. They zoomed furiously ahead to deflect the attack from Owen's lightning.

The next moment, an air pocket flooded the thirty-sixth step and blocked everyone's eyesight. Flames and lightening mixed and intercepted, causing numerous sparks which engulfed the staircase.

However, the two figures were not engulfed in the blast.

Neither of them stayed where they were. Right after their collision, they jumped and flew into the air as the explosions continued under their feet. They forcefully collided with each other in the air. Again and again, they collided with their physical bodies instead of their auras. The crowd underneath watched spellbound. Never before had they witnessed such a tremendous battle!

The spectators covered their ears from the loud sounds. Within just a few moments, Ricky and Owen had launched dozens of attacks towards each other. The blasts continued as they fought.

Some small cracks began to form in the space as they focused intently on their battle. The force from their blasts were what created the cracks!

"This is just the beginning of a fabulous battle!" someone gasped in shock. All of the Royal Sky Guards were deeply impressed by Ricky and Owen's fight. Right away it was already a sight to behold. They couldn't wait to see how it would unfold!

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