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   Chapter 348 Comparing Your Devouring Power With Mine

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"Demi-immortal! He has the power of a demi-immortal!" After a long silence, voices of wonder and incredulity began to echo.

"How is it possible? How could this damn guy possibly have the power of a demi-immortal!" Maxine grimaced, unwilling to accept the truth.

Miles was with her too.

"But how is that possible? Did you see his last move? There was a complete innate power on his infernal power! Although he concealed his true realm, it should still have been impossible for him to hide the complete innate power!" someone exclaimed doubtfully.

"That's true. But do you really think that Russell is only at the seventh grade of Bone Reinforcement?"

"That's impossible! Even if he was strong, a warrior at the seventh grade of Bone Reinforcement could never compete with a demi-immortal warrior, let alone one that was fighting fiercely!"

Lucas's move just now had been absolutely all-out, and his offensive attack was certainly at the level of the demi-immortal. In no way did he simply underestimate Ricky.

"But why does Russell have such strong power?" someone asked.

"There is only one possible reason I can think of. Russell must be a genius who can challenge warriors far above his level. Moreover, he can conceal his true realm, so all we can see is that a warrior at the seventh grade of the Bone Reinforcement can challenge a demi-immortal warrior," an older Royal Sky Guard answered.

"That seems to be the only plausible explanation!"

'These guys...their imaginations are really colorful!' Ricky could not help laughing at these wild speculations.

But such gossip was also good for him. Otherwise, the real truth would probably shock everyone. Because in a small Realm like the Realm of Wildness, a warrior who could challenge others three levels higher than him was more amazing than the destruction of the entire world!

'But I have a feeling the Chief isn't thinking the same crazy thoughts as them!' Ricky thought.


'Unexpectedly, a genius who can challenge someone three levels higher than him has appeared in our Realm of Wildness. And to top it off, he was standing right in front of me the whole time!' the Chief

has the devouring power! The Royal Sky Guards were even more surprised at this turn of events.

"Russell has certainly concealed a lot!" At the top of the staircase, the Chief of the Sky Manor remarked, "It seems that Lucas can't stop him."

With her experience and wisdom, she saw right away that the devouring power of the two warriors were not at the same level at all. Ricky's power was much more formidable. It was slated to win.

"Devouring Storm!"

The next moment, Ricky turned into a bloody tornado storm which rushed toward the bloody mouth.

"Boom!" The earth shook as their strongest moves collided with each other. But there was not much of a deadlock.

Ricky's Devouring Storm was so powerful that it devoured Lucas's Devouring Mouth, resulting in Lucas's body now being directly exposed as he hovered in the air.

Lucas could only stare wide-eyed as the Devouring Storm directly hit his body.

"Puff!" Without any strength to shield himself, Lucas spat out some blood and fell down the stairs.

Ricky's Devouring Storm could have shattered Lucas's chest, and this was exactly what he wanted to do. But he held back, because he knew that the Chief would not allow him to kill this pathetic warrior.

So Ricky intentionally recalled his attack, and the bloody storm disappeared. He landed intact on the twenty-fourth stair.

"You want to compare your devouring power with mine? You still have a long way to go!"

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