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   Chapter 347 Fighting With Lucas

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A strong and powerful force swept the area, wiping away all of the contents from the twelfth staircase going down. The deafening sound crackled all throughout that everyone watched closely as the fight happened. The powerful fire and the power of defending earth resonated and filled the whole area in a snap.

The clash was extremely loud, that it could have been heard by an elderly with poor hearing ability. And this massive racket was made by no other than Ricky and Miles as their raging fists collided with superior power.

"Crrrrack!" The snapping of numerous bones could be heard from a distance as the force was too much for Miles. Then, unexpectedly, he was overthrown by a strong invisible force which sent him rolling down from where they stood to the ground.

Tyson saw it coming, unlike the others who watched the painful fate that Miles had in store for him. Even the Chief of the Sky Manor stood up from her seat as she was appalled by the electrifying spectacle. Not a single soul present in the fight ever anticipated the sudden reverse of strength. This was because only moments ago, Ricky was at the weaker end of the spectrum and now, in just a blink of an eye, he defeated Miles and sent him to his doom.

'Damn! He is still hiding his strength! He definitely could do more than that!' the Royal Sky Guards said inwardly. The Royal Sky Guards were left thinking for a possible reason on why Ricky kept on hiding his true powers. Then, there was a light bulb moment. It suddenly hit their minds about what Ricky could've had all along. This realization brought their hearts closer to him and they couldn't help but root for him even more. They wondered why Ricky was stronger even than a warrior at the peak of ninth grade of Bone Reinforcement, which was the top strength anyone could have. And for proof, they saw with their own naked eyes how Ricky pulverized a warrior at that same level, which could only mean one thing.

"Is it possible? Could he really have the strength of a demi-immortal?" Some Royal Sky Guards spoke to one another as they speculated about his real strength.

"Damn it! This guy is really hiding his real strength!" Maxine said with loathing in her eyes.

"It's going to be alright, Maxine. Clam down." Lucas said. Lucas rubbed his hands at Maxine's back to show empathy towards what she was feeling.

Maxine's shoulders went down as a sign of relief after feeling her comrade's support. And to alleviate her own fear, she thought of how weak Ricky was when he encountered Lucas in a fight.

"Hmm...I wonder if Lucas can force Ricky to use his real strength," wondered by the Chief of the Sky Manor as she witnessed the impeccable surge of power from Ricky.

"Ha! Miles really bit more than he could chew. He definitely sought trouble when he decided to fight Ricky," Tyson said coldheartedly as he looked at Miles who retreated awkwardly after stumbling down the staircase.

"Chief, it clearly looks like I have passed this obstacle. I believe that I am now ready to step on the twenty-fourth stair!" Ricky cupped his hands

ing Fist!"

And with a loud and ferocious shout, Ricky activated the Chaotic Fire Skill to extract the raving power from the Heaven Melting Fire and filled his right fist with it. He then materialized a red fist figure and punched Lucas in the face.

"Small trick! Is that all you got?" Although the punch shook Lucas' head, he was still afraid to admit that it really sent him some pain and as a result, Lucas taunted Ricky more and more.


All of a sudden, Lucas wanted to attack once again and in a split second, their fists collided once again.

Then, the whole place violently shook down to the ground because of the collision. The bloody evil spirit's force and roaring flame instantly impacted together and rose strong and powerful waves in the air. Then, air waves strongly resonated from their collided fists.

Violent vibration sent the whole space buzzing with the powerful collision.

Ricky and Lucas were surprised as to how strong the effect of their crashed fists were. Both of them bore the violent impact of their own attacks. Their robes waved fiercely as the wind sped to their clothing because of the strong gust of power that reverberated the whole area. They had no choice but to hold on to their robes as they resisted the impact.

But the force was so strong that they weren't able to withstand the huge impact. Suddenly, both of them were pushed back from the stairs at the same time. Their shoes left deep scratches on the ground as they tried to stay where they stood.

The crowd's jaws were left agape as they have seen the marvelous battle between Ricky and Lucas to be a hard tie.

Then, there was a deafening silence--all of the people who watched them were bewildered for they never have expected that this would even happen. They expected differently from the fight. All of them assumed that it was Lucas who would reign supreme. They envisioned that by the time the fight ended, Lucas would be the one on top with a calm and triumphant face while Ricky would be on the ground just like what Miles suffered.

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