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   Chapter 346 Daydreaming

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"There are thirty-five names here. It would seem that it's time for me to inscribe mine here, too. I'll be the one," Ricky whispered.

"Yes. To be a Royal Sky Guard, you need to successfully go through the thirty-six stairs and inscribe your name on the golden plaque. If you fail, you won't be admitted, and you'll have to leave. Of course, you have the option to leave now," Tyson said.

"In the past, I might have already quit. But now, I won't step back. Since you and Kristen made it, you guys set a good example for me. I want to do my best and join you," Ricky said with a genuine smile.

Hearing this, Tyson scornfully shook his head. "Hey, you can't fool me with your flattery. I know you're after the handsome rewards."

"Tyson, don't say that... that's too discouraging," Ricky put on a sad face.

"Come on! I know you very well. I've seen through all your tricks. You can't try anything on me. Let's stop here. You'd better put all your effort into the test and figure out how to get past the stairs," Tyson said, ignoring Ricky's poor acting.

"Well then, I guess it won't be an easy task, right?" Ricky asked calmly.

"Yes. The other Royal Sky Guards will spare no effort in obstructing you as you go all-out," Tyson said.

"How many guards are there?"

"Three in total. We Royal Sky Guards could volunteer to stand guard. If there are no volunteers, our Chief will choose three representatives herself. Of course, Kristen and I are excluded because of our relationship with you."

"I understand. I'm afraid that Maxine will take advantage of that and give me a hard time."

"You're right. For all I know, Maxine had asked her partner, Lucas, to be one of the three guards. Lucas ranked second among us Royal Sky Guards. He's not easy to deal with.

If everything goes well, I would guess he had already broken through the demi-immortal," Tyson guessed.

"Well then, I hope he won't disappoint me," Ricky said in return. "Come on, you conceited guy," Tyson couldn't help but shake his head at the response and complain.

He then continued, "I have good news for you. One of Kristen's followers is among the three. He won't let you suffer, at least.

Besides the two, another guy wo

ehaving rather cruelly, either.

"How dare you be so distracted during a fight! You must truly be courting death!" Miles proclaimed coldly. "Admit it. You're no match for me. You want to fight shoulder to shoulder with Kristen? Ha! Stop daydreaming."

With these words, it suddenly became clear why Miles was being particularly harsh and aggressive.

His words were full of jealousy—Miles had fallen for Kristen. It was no wonder that he ignored Tyson's words and went all-out on Ricky.

The thought that Kristen would be offended didn't even occur to Miles. All he thought was, 'If I defeat this guy, she'll definitely fall in love with me. Women love strong men, after all.'

"It's you who should quit daydreaming! Kristen won't be with someone who breaks his promises so easily!" So in his mind, Ricky decided to teach him a lesson.

Without wasting time talking nonsense, Ricky gathered all his power into his right fist and charged toward Miles with the Fire Cloud Fist.

"The second level of Fire Cloud Fist!" Ricky shouted.

Seeing that Ricky was ignoring him and continued to launch a stronger attack, Miles turned infuriated and began roaring. "I'll defeat you!"

Motivating the earthy yellow spiritual energy hidden inside his body, he gathered all the energy in his right arm, forming some sort of thick armor. With that, he balled his hand into a fist and threw Ricky a hard punch.

"Full Arm Boxing! I'm going to beat you to death!" Miles roared again.

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