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   Chapter 345 Sky Manor's Small World

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"I know all about the little fight you had with Maxine outside the gate. You defeated her nearly immediately, which indicates your true strength. Very good!" said the Chief of the Sky Manor approvingly, looking at Ricky's confused expression.

"However, you also need to accept a challenge and prove yourself if you want to join the Royal Sky Guard. Every warrior who wants to join the Royal Sky Guard has to undergo it. What's more, the challenge may be more difficult because of the conflict between you and Maxine," she added.

"To be a Royal Sky Guard is more complicated than I think," Ricky muttered under his breath at this.

"In addition, you will earn some rewards if you win in the challenge. The more successful you are, the more rewards will be yours for the taking!" the Chief explained to him.

"Chief, I'm looking forward to it. I'm ready for the challenge," Ricky replied, nodding as a smile bloomed on his face. After all, he never passed up an opportunity for a reward!

He was quite confident that he'd be able to win all of them in one sitting!

"I must say that based on what I've gauged of your power, the challenge will be easy for you. But Maxine may have something in store for you. Be careful!" Kristen warned.

"Kristen, we've known each other for a long time. You know my power very well, don't you? Do you think there is anyone who can stop me from the Royal Sky Guard?" Ricky said calmly and confidently, trying to reassure her.

"You are wildly arrogant, but I of course hope that your strength is great enough to win the challenge," the Chief said as her brow furrowed in slight annoyance at Ricky's words to Kristen.

"I won't let you down!" Ricky muttered determinedly.

Kristen felt a little helpless about Ricky. She had known him and his character for a long time. To most people, he looked mild and gentle, but in reality he was very proud and even a little arrogant. But he wasn't aggressively arrogant. After all, he had the power to back this up!

She bit her tongue. As Ricky had guessed, she didn't believe that there was anyone of the Royal Sky Guard who could stop him from winning the challenge, even the warrior whom Maxine had asked for help.

"In that case, you will begin your challenge in t

l over it, even a lower spiritual king would be killed by it, much less you."

"I understand," Ricky said as he frowned.

He finally understood why it wasn't a big deal for the Royal Sky Guards to know this much about this Small World. It was because they didn't know the exact location of this Small World at all!

"Come on! Let's begin. Let me know what your real power is," the Chief said as she waved her right hand. The old iron door swung open gradually, before Ricky and Tyson were shoved into it.

As their bodies shook, Ricky found that he and Tyson were now in another world.

There were many trees, flowers, and grassy fields in this world. It looked so peculiar. The sky was round and the ground was square, covered by dense plants. The center was shaped like a big basin.

However, what attracted Ricky was two other things.

First of all, the spiritual energy of the Small World was about three times as dense compared to the normal world. Cultivating here would consequently speed up the process by three times as well!

"The Small World is really amazing!" Ricky sighed.

The second thing that caught his eyes was the huge golden staircase in the center of the Small World, which rose several hundred meters high. Ricky counted and found that there were thirty-six steps, and he saw that there was a huge golden plaque at the top of the staircase.

Then Ricky looked closer and saw that there were thirty-five names on the golden plaque, including Tyson's and Kristen's!

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