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   Chapter 344 Changing Danger Into Safety

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No one uttered even a single word at this moment.

The Chief of the Sky Manor's words resounded, instantly causing a hush to fall over the Palace.

Although everything was quiet, both Ricky and Kristen were startled. What they feared the most had just happened! They underestimated the observation competence of the Chief of the Sky Manor, a middle spiritual king who shared the same blood and power of blood eyes with Kristen!

Ricky steadied himself quickly because he had prepared to be discovered right before he entered the Sky Manor.

Ricky still entered at the risk of getting caught because of his trust in Kristen. She told him that she was one hundred percent sure that she could keep him safe and sound even if he got caught.

This promise had reassured Ricky, and so he agreed to come.

Ricky took off the mask on his face and revealed his long-lost face.

"Normally, such a mask would have been crafted by a casting master at the intermediate stage of Spirit Level, or a superb casting master at the inferior stage of Spirit Level, which shows your special identity-- or, the great opportunity you had," The Chief analyzed, at the sight of Ricky's mask.

She was more impressed than angry.

But soon, she became rather shocked, staring closely at Ricky's face.

She was familiar with this face, as well as all the innate spirits in the Realm of Wildness, because this face had impressed them so much.

After all, its owner possessed treasures they did not have. Of course they admired him!

"You are Ricky!" exclaimed the Chief, a hint of excitement showing on her face.

And then she activated her power and got ready to attack him because she could not resist the temptation of Ricky's spiritual weapons, especially his spiritual space tool.

Having noticed the power around the Chief and realizing what she was about to do, Kristen dashed in front of Ricky and released her demi-immortal power to protect him from her sister.

Kristen was admirably determined to protect

her faith in the martial arts world.

"Understood, Chief!" Ricky nodded and did what the Chief suggested. He placed his mask back on his face. Now, he was Russell again.

"Sister, I truly appreciate everything you have done for me," Kristen thanked her again, smiling a little deviously.

But her sister stared back at her and said gravely, "I told you that you should call me Chief except for some private occasions. I forgive you this time but don't do it again."

"Copy that! Chief!" Kristen replied, with her mouth curled and a sparkle in her eye.

"I guess we have turned danger into safety already!" Ricky said to himself. Otherwise, he would have had to conceal himself in the Chaotic Fire Zone again, which was not what he wanted to do at all.

"Ricky, you have already attained the approval of Kristen and Tyson, and mine as well. But you will be required to prove something later down the road," the Chief declared.

"Prove something? For what?" Ricky was surprised at what she said. He thought he was completely off the hook!

Who else did he have to prove himself to? What was going on? He didn't typically care what others thought of him and found the idea of proving himself to others rather superficial.

Besides, his previous altercation with Maxine at the gate of the city proved his strength, didn't it?

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