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   Chapter 343 The Chief Of The Sky Manor

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He glanced at Maxine and the people behind her as a smile appeared on his face. His voice was calm, as it always was, and yet everyone could feel an overwhelming aura being emanated by him.

Maxine was infuriated by the scorn in his voice.

Maxine clenched her teeth in fury as a strong spiritual energy burst out from her body, and an indigo sword appeared in her hand. She sped up towards Ricky, aiming her sword at his throat.

'What an unreasonable woman!' Ricky grumbled in his mind. He could feel her strong killing intent all the way from where he was standing.

Maxine was fast indeed -- much faster than most of the warriors who had already reached the peak of the ninth grade of Bone Reinforcement. But it didn't matter to Ricky at all. In his eyes, her movements were still slow. He leaned sideways and managed to escape the strike effortlessly. Then, he activated the Eighth Degree of Nine-degree Body Refining Formula, and his palm hacked Maxine's wrist heavily like a blade.

Crack! Suddenly, there was a slight cracking sound. Maxine was forced to drop her sword immediately and step back, her left hand gripping her right wrist in pain.

Her wrist was fractured by Ricky's attack in spite of his effort to hold back. If he had used his full strength, then Maxine might have been a dead body by now.

As a sharp pain shot out from her wrist, Maxine's wrath towards Ricky exponentially increased. She stared at him in fury. As much as she hated the idea of submitting to others, she quickly realized that the young man standing in front of her was not to be trifled with.

She was arrogant, but she was not stupid. She would not have been chosen to be a member of the Royal Sky Guard otherwise.

"This young man is amazing! He was able to defeat Maxine so easily!' The crowd began to whisper among themselves.

"Maybe he is already a demi-immortal. But that just does not seem possible. Both his vibe and appearance suggest that he is no more than 20 years old!"

"It looks like the Sky Manor has gained another genius,"

some people murmured in admiration. Meanwhile, some of the others cursed in anger, "What's that kid's problem? How dare he treat Miss Maxine like that! How rude of him!"

"That's right! He's not a gentleman! If only I were strong enough, I would kick his ass!"

"Me too! How could he be so cruel to a girl!? He deserves a good punch!"

Hearing the crowds' gossips, Ricky smiled indifferently.

He shook his head slightly and gave Maxine a piece of advice. "

fore their eyes.

Ricky immediately recognized the similarities between Kristen and the woman's appearance and temperament.

But of course, Ricky was able to see the similarities between the two at once because he had known that they were related beforehand. Meanwhile, if others were to look at the two, they would not find a trace of similarity between them because there was a great difference between an innate spiritual king and a demi-immortal spiritual king.

"Chief!" Both Ricky and Kristen raised their hand to salute to her respectfully.

When other people were around, Kristen was also supposed to call her sister "Chief".

"Good. It looks like you have become a demi-immortal. Always remember, though, that you should not use the Devil Flame easily before you become an innate spirit," the Chief of the Sky Manor said.

"Yes, I'll keep it that mind. Thank you, Chief." Kristen nodded.

Then, the Chief of the Sky Manor focused her eyes on Ricky, and Soar, who was perched on Ricky's shoulder. She was an innate spiritual king after all, so she could feel how strong Soar was.

"So, you are Russell, the last Royal Sky Guard that Kristen and Tyson have found, right?" the Chief of the Sky Manor asked.

"Yes, Chief." Ricky replied with a nod.

"Since your strength has been approved by Kristen and Tyson, I believe that you are a good warrior. I will allow you to become a member of the Royal Sky Guard," the Chief of the Sky Manor said.

Before Ricky could sigh in relief, the Chief stared at him sharply as her voice suddenly changed. "However, there is one thing that you should know -- we do not like people who hide their faces with masks."

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