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   Chapter 342 The Ringer

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Maxine didn't sense any strong power from Ricky. She looked down on him, mistaking him for merely an average guy.

"Well, I disagree. As far as I know, you can only ask but you can't interfere. If you're not convinced, what about picking a partner to fight with me?" Ricky replied.

"Kristen, your little friend doesn't look very strong, but his mouth is pretty big for his body!" Maxine said spitefully, paying no attention to Ricky's challenge.

To her he was nothing, not even worth replying to.

"His strength is not measured by your words," Kristen replied coldly.

"Kristen, you really are just as overconfident as before! I didn't expect to hear myself say this, but I hate it more than your arrogance!" Maxine snorted. "Well then, I have the right to test his strength."

She hated Kristen's confidence and decided that defeating Ricky would be a good way to embarrass her. She'd had an inkling of this idea right at the start, and latched onto it now.

"Up to you!" Kristen responded nonchalantly, sounding as though she didn't care--or perhaps, was just very confident.

Kristen's response drove Maxine even crazier!

"Alright! If you say so!" Maxine scoffed, immediately flashing her cold eyes at Ricky.

Kristen could sense Maxine's anger and found it ridiculous to see how her temper was so easily stirred. Maxine did not know about the real Ricky, who had challenged many warriors three grades higher than him. And as a demi-immortal, Kristen couldn't even defeat Ricky, even if she hurt her eyes!

And to think that Maxine was only at the ninth grade of Bone Reinforcement at most!

"I suggest you choose another partner to compete with me. Even though I don't like you, a gentleman wouldn't punch a girl," Ricky said condescendingly.


"This lad isn't from the S

d why Kristen always dismissed her and considered her as a clown.

Of course, she did not know that Kristen was already blind. Otherwise, she would have picked a fight with Kristen right when she saw her!

And judging from what just happened, she could tell that Ricky's power was equal to hers. She frowned. No. It was probably greater.

All of these filled her with more hatred and jealousy. 'Why? Why can Kristen always easy surpass me?

Why do all these geniuses with real strong power always stand by her side?'


"Do you notice that he is only at the seventh grade of Bone Reinforcement?" some warriors murmured after they recovered from the shock.

"How is it possible? He must have used a method to hide his real power! That way he can pretend to be weak and defeat others who've let their guard down!"

"It must be!"

"Kristen seems to have the upper land in this competition again!"

"It's remarkable! Just in his early twenties, this lad has the power of a warrior at the ninth grade of Bone Reinforcement!"


"Well, I thought we could fight for a few rounds if there was a man. But who knew that the competition would end so disappointingly?" Ricky sighed.

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