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   Chapter 341 Maxine

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"My sister is very strict with me. She wanted me to be independent. So I had to get the resources for cultivation all by myself," Kristen told them. "What's more, except for Tyson and some Elders in Sky Manor, no one else knows I am the sister of the Chief of Sky Manor.

So thinking that my sister will take care of things for us is a pipe dream."

"Well..." Hearing this, Ricky and others traded glances, not knowing what to say.

"Ha-ha, Russell! Tell you what! Maybe the Chief will even embarrass you just because you are Kristen's friend." Tyson laughed.

"Well. Forget about it," Ricky said, frowning a little.

"I can't do anything about it. My sister has high hopes for me, so she made me cultivate harder and in difficult environments," Kristen explained.

Her tone told them that she felt grateful for her sister's guidance.

If not for her sister's strictness, Kristen would not have gotten so far so quickly. She might have become unruly and spoiled, like other daughters of powerful families.

"So please remember not to mention my real identity once we enter the Sky Manor."

"Don't worry. Kristen. We know better than to do that." Ricky and others nodded.

"Trent, Bastian. I'm afraid that at the beginning, you will have to start as the ordinary disciples once you enter the Sky Manor. You can only achieve the Sky Manor's real cultivation after you get enough contributing scores. I'm sorry," Kristen said to Trent and Bastian.

"Chief, we are already grateful that you have taken us with you into the Sky Manor. What else could we want? Besides, we don't want to attain achievements only through connections," Trent and Bastian replied sensibly.

"Thank you for understanding. But don't call me chief anymore. After all, the Chaotic Region is long behind us. Just call me Kristen. We are friends now, aren't we?" Kristen smiled.

"We f

this insult, but Ricky, Trent and Bastian held him back. They looked at Tyson and signaled him to stay out of this.

Tyson finally calmed down, because he couldn't pick a fight with Maxine just for calling him a "black bear." It would be foolish to fight a girl just because of that, especially with so many witnesses around.

"Look! The two pearls of the Sky Manor come into conflict once again!" More and more warriors surrounded them, their chattering becoming loud.

"This again? I wonder who will leave embarrassed this time."


"Maxine, don't you have anything better to do?" Kristen said in a cold voice.

"It's my right, Kristen. If Chief finds out you won't tell me on purpose, she'll scold you!" Maxine laughed.

"You just won't leave me alone, will you?" Kristen said coldly.

The two strong women braced for combat.

"It's me! I'm their new partner." Ricky stood out.

He knew that it would be a bad idea to let Maxine find out about Kristen's blindness. She could use it against her!

"You?" Maxine said dismissively after a quick glance at Ricky.

She did that on purpose. Even if it was an extraordinary handsome warrior standing in front of her, she would dismiss him because of his connection to Kristen!

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