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   Chapter 340 Kristen's Identity

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"It will take me about a month to recover my lost eyesight. To tell you the truth, I unleashed the power of the Heaven Illuminating Fire knowing that becoming totally blind was a risk. We were so close to death at that time and I had to make a quick decision. It's just fortunate that I was stopped by the appearance of the array," Kristen explained.

Even now that they were safe, there was still a hint of fear in Kristen's heart when she remembered what had happened. If Yates hadn't activated the array to seal the Heaven Illuminating Fire, she was very likely to unleash the fire continuously regardless of the risks. She could have become totally blind.

"That's too dangerous. Kristen, don't be so impulsive next time!" Ricky said anxiously. "After you reach the immortal realm and have a better understanding of the power of your eyes, the effect of the sequela will be much less."

"There's still a long way to go for me to become an innate spirit," Kristen sighed at this. She shook her head.

"Kristen, you once thought that becoming a demi-immortal was far too difficult, but look where you are now. And if I'm not wrong, it didn't take you so long to reach the demi-immortal realm," Ricky said.

"Russell, I believe it won't take you much time to break through from a demi-immortal to an innate spirit. But Kristen and I are not as powerful as you. We'll likely be stuck at the demi-immortal realm for decades," Tyson chimed in.

As Trent and Bastian didn't yet know Ricky's real identity, Tyson and Kristen still referred to him as Russell.

"I don't want to admit it, but I have to agree with Tyson. If we don't get any great opportunities in the future, we will indeed have to stay at the demi-immortal realm for a long, long time," Kristen nodded. She added, "After all, the breakthrough from demi-immortal realm to the immortal realm requires not only a long time spent on cultivation, but also the complex process of comprehension.

Fortunately, we already comprehended a little bit of enlightening power in the Devil Beast Valley. Otherwise, things would have been much more difficult for us."

"Are you kidding? Is it really that hard for a demi-immortal to become an innate spirit?"

d this. It seemed that he had anticipated what Kristen wanted to say.

"Well!" Kristen breathed deeply. "The Chief of the Sky Manor is a lady with the same family name as me: Tang."

"What did you say? The Chief is a woman!?" Ricky and Trent were surprised at Kristen's words. They foolishly thought that it would be difficult for a woman to support such a big Sky Manor.

However, they were even more astonished at the second part of Kristen's words.

She said she shared the same family name with the Chief of the Sky Manor!

"Well, the Chief of the Sky Manor is my elder sister!" Kristen said, finally coming clean.

"That explains something that's confused me a lot," Ricky said, suddenly enlightened. "When the Elder of the Sky Manor came last time, he was very polite to you. And he even blamed Tyson for you!"

"I couldn't do anything about it. Kristen is the apple in those Elders' eyes," Tyson said, feeling rather indignant.

"Ha-ha. Does that mean we can get more cultivation resources after we get to the Sky Manor?" Ricky now started to look forward to their arrival at the Manor. "After all, love me, love my dog. The chief will surely be very friendly to us."

"Russell, I'm sorry to tell you that you're wrong if you're expecting that," Tyson said as he curled his lip distastefully.

"What do you mean?" Ricky asked, raising his brow.

"Well, it would be better to let Kristen tell you about that herself," Tyson replied, waving his hand.

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