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   Chapter 339 Ending

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'It seems that Yates took a drop of blood essence of the Great Dragon and put it into the Skeleton Dragon's body, ' Ricky thought to himself.

All of a sudden, they saw a figure soaring over the palace. She landed and they recognized her as Tina. Perching on her shoulder, Soar excitedly flew to Ricky once he saw him. He and Tina had both been terribly worried about Ricky, Tyson and Kristen.

"It's fortunate for you to came back safe and sound," Tina said. Until she saw them safe with her own eyes, she was uneasy.

"I knew that my brother is quite remarkable. I was confident they would come back safely after they solved the problems," Soar said with a smile on his face.

"It was a dangerous experience, but finally, we survived together," Ricky sighed as he remembered everything they'd been through.

"What is that?" The skeleton and blood essence in the altar had attracted Soar's full attention. As soon as he saw the skeleton and blood essence, he was shocked immediately.

He recognized it immediately as he himself was a Great Dragon, too.

But Soar didn't want Tina, Tyson and Kristen to know his true identity as a Great Dragon. He pretended not to know anything, watching their reactions.

"If my guess is right, this is the Great Dragon that sealed Yates in the grave back then!" Ricky noticed that everyone was confused and began to explain. And then Ricky relayed almost everything that they had met in the grave to Tina and Soar.

"Oh, my god. It sounds so terribly perilous,"

Their story terrified Tina. But all that mattered now was that everyone had returned safely. Of course, she was curious about what Ricky had pulled out of his sleeve in order to kill a demi-spiritual emperor. But she also knew Ricky. If he didn't want to tell her right away, it wasn't the time to talk about it.

"Brother, only a few warriors have survived in the Chaotic Region, including Trent. I'm sorry. All the other warriors all died there," Soar said morosely.

They became silent, remembering the warriors they had interacted with. Even though they'd never gotten to know them much and even considered some of them as adversaries, they also felt sorrowful for their tragic fates. They d

he first place," Kristen said. "Tina, are you okay? It is said that the evil spirit can make even the best warrior turn demonic. Please tell me if something's off."

"Don't worry, Kristen. I'm happy to tell you that there is only a little of the evil spirit left. Otherwise, Ricky couldn't help me because his power would be too weak," Tina replied, watching Ricky's reaction with a hint of a smile.

"Hey! Hey! You! You must be kidding! My power isn't weak!" Ricky exclaimed, grinning at Tina's good humor.

"Ha-ha!" They all burst out laughing together.


Tina returned the Dahlia Palace with Doris first. Instead of travelling with Ricky, they decided to follow Ricky and the other warriors in secret because they didn't want any trouble.

Ricky and his friends went to the Sky Manor together.

"By the way, Ricky, I have reserved the fire of the Devil Flame that you wanted," Kristen said on the way to Sky Manor.

On the edge of her blind right eye, a small flame of Heaven Illuminating Fire bloomed.

"Thank you very much, Kristen," Ricky replied gratefully. He could feel the intense strength of Heaven Illuminating Fire.

Later on, he used his chaotic fire runes to relocate the Heaven Illuminating Fire into his Chaotic Fire Zone. Because of the chaotic fire runes, his newly acquired flame would grow rapidly!

"Well, Kristen, how long will it be before your sight is recovered?" Ricky asked kindly. He was quite worried about her vision.

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