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   Chapter 338 The Blood Essence Under The Altar

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After just a moment, Yates quickly tore up the space and was about to escape. The mysterious axe was faster than him and flew across the space to hit him.

The nine-colored light formed a prison and slowly condensed.


Yates screamed in pain in the next moment. As the prison condensed gradually, his evil spirit and power were rapidly weakened and his body was likely to explode.

There was no doubt that Yates would have his body smashed into pieces and his soul would vanish completely.

"How come that attack is so powerful?!" Shocked at the scene, Ricky found himself simply wishing that there would be a slight chance to repel Yates with the mysterious axe. But to smash Yates's body into submission without a fight? That was utterly unbelievable!

Tyson and Kristen were also shocked and impressed yet again with Ricky's potential. 'How many secret weapons are there in his body? This axe even makes the demi-spiritual emperor look weak.'

Naturally the mysterious axe caught their eyes.

"I will surrender and I will hand in my soul over so you can be my master!" Yates cried and begged for Ricky's mercy, before his body, power, and soul disappeared.

"Aha, now you are begging for mercy from a warrior of Bone Reinforcement? Are other devils as pathetic as you are?" Ricky smiled and said. "It sounds interesting to have a demi-spiritual emperor as my guard."

"Yes! As long as you let me go, I will release my soul and make a master and servant pact with you." Yates urged Ricky to spare him regardless of his pain.

"You really want to make a pact with me? You're the type to risk everything to survive, but do you think I'm an idiot?" Ricky mocked. "I guess I would be the one who is destroyed if I put away this light."

"So, Nine-colored Light, get rid of this asshole and smash him to bits!"

Ricky yelled out of hatred. He hated Yates so much that he would have liked to drink up Yates's blood and eat Yates's flesh.

He came to tha

ong rays of light shot out toward the sky and lit the dark hall as it went. Fortunately, Ricky, Tyson, and Kristen were unharmed as it flashed by extremely fast.

The three could still sense its remaining power after it had gone.

As they walked to the altar, they saw a pile of large skeletons placed vertically inside the altar. The skeletons were surprisingly tall. Some of the skeletons were even hundreds of yards long.

There were about twenty drops of blood essence floating in the air with some remaining power emanating in them.

Ricky's blood echoed with the presence of the blood essence.

"Is that the blood essence of a Great Dragon?" Ricky asked, noticing the response from the refined blood essence of the Great Dragon inside his body.

Those drops of blood essence merely contained some remaining power. Even if they were from the Great Dragon, they could not help with their cultivation at all.

"With a closer look at the decayed skeletons, I think they belonged to a Great Dragon. Is it possible that a Great Dragon sealed Yates off here? It would have taken the sacrifice of his blood and flesh as the power source. He must have strengthened the array with its own flesh and blood and tried to lock Yates up forever," Ricky said to himself with great admiration for this said dragon.

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