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   Chapter 337 The Mysterious Axe Came To The Rescue Again

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 12416

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About six hours later, the three of them had almost recovered. Of course, they had only regained some of their strength and were now able to fight again. As for their internal injuries, they needed a little more time to heal.

At this point, however, the lines from the array in front of them began to fade away quickly. Within only a few seconds, the whole space created by the array had already disappeared and they found themselves in the middle of another strange place--a rather dark palace.

Before they could figure out what had happened and where they were, their attention was soon attracted by something on the palace's walls. There were many black holes on the walls of this dark palace, and from inside the holes, blood was slowly streaming out and dripping down to the floor. The red blood seemed fresh and warm, like it was directly flowing out from someone alive.

Without having to confirm with each other, they all knew for sure that the blood belonged to all the warriors who had entered the graveyard just now. And the black holes they just saw were used to be the entrances to the caves hours ago.

The rivers of blood kept flowing and converging with each other, until they all streamed as one into an altar at the center of the palace.

It was obvious that the altar was in fact the center of this sealing array, but the strong smell of blood had already turned it into an altar for blood sacrifice.

By then, the altar was no longer operational even though there was still blood pouring into it, because the blood sacrifice had already been completed. As the three of them stared at the altar, a black figure rose from it and shot out into the air. It was none other than Yates himself.

But he was hardly the same person that he used to be. His aura had totally changed. Although strong and endless evil spirit could still be felt from him, they were all restrained or rather condensed deeper into his body. It could be imagined that once he unleashed his power, it would be very devastating. Ricky knew that they were now facing a powerful enemy whose strength had multiplied a lot.

Now they were beginning to feel that Yates had not only become the center of this palace, but also of the whole broken world of this ancient battlefield. All the energy that surrounded them was being attracted to him.

Ricky had met the Shadow King before, who was a powerful upper spiritual king. But based on what Ricky could feel right now, he was certain this Yates was far greater than that. If the Shadow King stood in front of Yates, he would probably be reduced to a helpless insect--he feared it would also be their fate.

"It seems that this is the real body of Yates. Since his real body has shown up, he must have combined it with his replicate. Considering the energy he just unleashed, there's a chance he's a demi-spiritual emperor already!" Ricky said to himself as he detected Yates' energy levels.

But surprisingly, instead of feeling nervous or scared, Ricky found himself pretty calm facing this powerful enemy. Not only him, when he looked at Tyson and Kristen, he didn't see a single sign of panic on their faces. Ricky knew that they weren't just faking their calmness.

But he also understood that none of them was feeling very confident about the impending fight either. The truth was, they were either fully prepared for the coming death just like an ant seeing an elephant and coming for it, or they had simply been through too much that they couldn't care less about facing death anymore. Anyway, it didn't matter what they were thinking at the present, what mattered was that they were going to face the situation head on together and try their best to survive a

you're not messing around! Do you really think you guys would stand a chance against me?" Yates questioned with a sneer knowing that the three of them were coming up with a plan to escape.

Without any knowledge about the mysterious axe, Yates had every reason to be confident. He didn't think that there was any way that they could defend themselves from his attacks. Even if he undid the seal in this space now and they dared to escape by using some spiritual space tool, surely he would be able to catch the spiritual weapon in no time and crush it with the three of them all together.

Ricky had simply ignored Yates' sarcastic words this time. Instead, he went all out to rush towards the three blades of evil spirit unleashed by Yates.

The next instant, he clashed with the blades head on!

As he and the blades met, dazzling lights shot out from between his eyebrows. The lights were of all the colors of the rainbow, and in the middle of it, the mysterious axe appeared. Now it was clear that it was the axe that had collided with the blades, producing a sharp ringing sound.

But the sound seemed the only terrible result of the violent collision, as the air became still and all the energy was gone the moment the axe touched the blades. Things had ended quite more peacefully than they expected. Slowly, the colorful lights started to flow onto the blades. The blades began to fade and eventually disappeared into thin air. They were all gone, together with all the evil spirit and the resentment in the palace. In just a snap, all the evil entities were cleared by the blessings of the axe.

"That is impossible!" Yates cried out in disbelief, changing color at the sight. The confidence and arrogance on his face disappeared and were replaced by shock.

He didn't even care that his attack had no effect but the horrible fact was that the varicolored lights from the axe gave him a sense of danger that he did not anticipate. He had a feeling that the axe could finish him off in the blink of an eye. What was more, the axe and its lights had strangely brought back memories, some very ancient memories to him.

However, he knew that it was not the right time to recall the past, because he needed to run now--The farther away he was from the axe, the greater chances of surviving.

He had reacted quickly. Before the three of them could do anything, he got hold of the array from the graveyard, tore the space apart, and quickly fled the palace.

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