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   Chapter 336 Struggling Ants

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Blood Vitality Devouring Skill!

This was another Omnipotent Skill from the Devourer Zone—something superior to the Devouring Storm. It was based on the Devouring Storm, but had a deeper understanding of the Devouring Skill which was practiced in the devouring rune.

What's more, the skill was usually activated by a warrior in a desperate situation because only in such situations could they use its full strength.

In that moment, Ricky was in absolute despair. With his great understanding of the enlightening power, Ricky could naturally burst into a stronger power when he was enraged.

He could not help but think of the Blood Vitality Devouring Skill and activate the power to devour everything that got in his way and wanted to hurt his relatives and friends.

After a while, the bloody mouths made by the devouring runes wrapped around Ricky and rushed towards the demi-immortal chief as they roared and moved like a powerful tide.

The demi-immortal chief ordered his strongest offensives, the most powerful evil spirits, to collide with Ricky, but Ricky never gave him a chance to defend himself. At once, the numerous bloody mouths scattered and consumed the demi-immortal chief's body as well as all of his evil spirits. Afterwards, he was digested inside the bloody mouths, and the sound of him being devoured could be heard all throughout the battlefield.

A little while later, the bloody mouths dissipated in the air. Once they were gone, all that was left in the air were the evil spirits.

The demi-immortal chief turned into dust, or to be more exact, he was torn apart into numerous fragments, devoured by the Blood Vitality Devouring Skill, and turned into a member of the bloody mouths.

After devouring the demi-immortal chief, the strength of the Blood Vitality Devouring Skill split into two parts and quickly surged towards Tyson and Kristen's direction to help them. Each of them was occupied with fighting a demi-immortal chief.

Just like before, as long as the two demi-immortal chiefs could not activate the power which could suppress the Blood Vitality Devouring Skill, they were doomed to be consumed by the Blood Vitality Devouring Skill.

Subsequently, silence engulfed the whole array. Tyson and Kristen were completely shocked by what they had seen.

An amazing movement with such a strong power had really broadened their horizons.

Then, countless bloody mouths turned into devouring runes the moment they gathered together. Without missing a beat, t

cowardly as you! There are still a few yours left, and you are going to give up now? Are you truly still the same Tyson that I have known for a long time?" Ricky asked firmly.

"Have you ever seen a real ant? The only thing the world knows about it is that the ant is weak and incompetent, and it cannot resist any attack," Ricky continued.

"But what the world does not know is that ants are resilient—they never give up when they encounter impossible obstacles. And even after they have died, their tiny bodies still struggle to come back to life.

Are you not as good as an ant? If so, are you really deserving of being my friend?"

After he finished his rant, Ricky slowly calmed down. He believed that Tyson understood every word that came out of his mouth. If not, then it only meant that Tyson was not the person Ricky thought he was.

"Ha-ha, Ricky, you...what should I say?" After a moment of silence, Tyson burst into laughter.

Then he immediately sat down in order to regain his strength.

"If even the ants are trying their hardest to live, then I will also struggle in despair, even if my struggles turn out to be futile. Because only in this way can I still be your friend even after death, Ricky," Tyson said firmly after a while.

Then they looked at each other face to face, and a firm determination ignited in their eyes.

Of course, it went without saying that Kristen also felt the same way as them.

They had decided that even if they were ants, they would be the kind of ants who struggled till the end because they would not be deserving of being called ants if they gave up. After all, ants never, ever gave up no matter what.

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