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   Chapter 335 The Blood Vitality Devouring Skill

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"Wall-crushing Arm!"

As Kristen finished her words, Tyson immediately burst out his full strength and disregarded all his limitations. The momentum which belonged to the demi-immortal rose up rapidly, and two silver silhouette fists rushed towards the black waves on both sides in a split second. The chief reacted immediately.

The moment they collided, Tyson controlled the power of the two fists, because he knew the power belonged to him. So after the black patterns reflected his attack, he immediately gained control of it without any trouble.

He pushed harder until a sliver energy surrounded the fists. The immense power hit the chief with an intense trembling force.

By the time the silver waves appeared, Ricky used his Flame Torrent again and went into the center of the waves to also attack the chief with Tyson.

In the next second, under the triple attack of the Heaven Illuminating Fire, the Wall-crushing Arm and the Flame Torrent, the demi-immortal chief turned into blood mist and was completely incinerated.

Even after a demi-immortal chief was killed, the other five still didn't cared about him at all. They all only wanted to put out the Heaven Illuminating Fire that was burning them. That was what people would do when they were compelled. Without anyone ordering them, they would only fight for themselves.

And they didn't even realize that if they ended up putting more evil spirits on the Heaven Illuminating Fire, it would burn more furiously.

Seeing this scene, they were all glad that things went much better than they initially imagined.

If the six weren't manipulated and were in their right senses, they definitely would have used the evil spirits to create a shield to get out of it and save themselves from the burning of the Heaven Illuminating Fire. Then they would attack the three of them altogether and probably kill them with a single hit.

But now they were nothing more than puppets.

Thus, Ricky and Tyson cooperated with each other to kill the two demi-immortal chiefs as quickly as possible.

As they were about to kill the fourth one, the black waves in the array moved with pervading power and sealed Kristen's Heaven Illuminating Fire immediately.

It was obvious that Yates had sensed the situation here and he was the one who activated the array to suppress Kristen's power.

However, it seemed that Yates was too far away from where they were, and he h

econd for him to reach the higher levels.

The only thing Ricky was worried about was whether it would have some consequences on the way of his cultivation in the future, since he made a breakthrough when the foundation was clearly not stable.

After he burst out, Ricky reached the seventh grade of Bone Reinforcement in no time.

"Ha-ha. You rascal. So what? What do you expect to accomplish after your breakthrough? You will always be just a lousy insect. Your struggle would only keep you alive for a little longer." Yates did not take Ricky's breakthrough seriously and merely laughed out loud through the array.

"So what if I am just a lousy insect? Even the smallest ant could shake the world if it wanted to!" Ricky roared in anger.

He activated the Eighth Degree of Nine-degree Body Refining Formula to its limit. His violet and golden hair flying fiercely as if they were about to thrust the array zone.

The Devourer Zone provided him with the power of the devouring rune and the blood vitality. In only a second, Ricky was covered in blood from head to toe.

Then, Ricky's body fused with the endless devouring runes and then he emitted a strong force of blood vitality. This had never appeared before whenever Ricky burst out the Devouring Storm.

Soon, the blood vitality submerged the devouring runes and turned Ricky into a sea of blood.

Then, this sea of blood split into millions of bloody mouths. The mouths looked extremely terrifying and grisly. The smell of them alone could almost devour the world.

"Blood Vitality Devouring Skill!" Under this state, Ricky roared once again.

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