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   Chapter 334 Fight Against Six Demi-immortals

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 10398

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"The second array is naturally where we are now," Yates cleared their doubts with a hint of a smile. "Those evil bats are filled with the essence of the innate evil spirit, the essence of demi-spiritual emperor evil spirit actually. In fact, the essence belongs to me. It is my plan to save myself.

Time passed by without me even knowing. At that time, I was defeated by a formidable warrior and he sealed this place, dethroning me. He had me in control, even divided my strength into many pieces and combined them with the evil spirit of ancient battlefield. Now the bats carry them.

So I can't recover my strength or take control of this second array unless these evil bats are wiped out.

You contributed so much to help me out. Thank you for your greed for power. It did help me a lot! You killed those evil bats, now I recover my strength again." Yates' astounding laughter echoed in the whole cave.

"Yates, you dirty bastard!" Tyson asserted his wrath by his deep hollering exclamation.

However, Yates, having had achieved his own goal of recovering his strength whatever it might took, ignored Tyson completely.

"There are a lot of warriors and devil beasts here in this place. What do you plan to do to them?" Ricky asked in extreme caution, displaying his calm even if they were in danger.

"You have already got the answer, haven't you? I will kill them - all of them. They are all petty creatures at the level of Bone Reinforcement. Even though the blood essence of one doesn't contain a lot of energy, hundreds and thousands of creatures should have enough blood essence for me to recover forty percent of my strength," Yates stated with pride as the smile on his face lightened up because he didn't regret killing so many creatures.

"But you really surprised me. You are so strong that I have to take your life on my own," Yates added.

"Damn it! How dare you? You wanted to kill so many creatures to recover your own strength? How wicked!" Ricky yelled with sullen expression.

"Ha-ha! I am unable to recover my full strength and my three-hundred plan will fail if I don't kill them. It's their destiny." Yates laughter resonated in the room.

"I will kill you so others would be spared!" All of a sudden, Ricky jumped in the air as he shouted at the top of his lungs. He then clasped the Iron Destroyer in his hand.

Ricky depleted the Iron Destroyer's innate power and lifted it high over his head to fly a blow on Yates. Hundreds of pieces of the innate power belonged to the middle spiritual king were stored in the saber and the whole cave was suddenly lit up.

The force of the innate power was uncontainable that it sent out the strongest force, shaking the whole space.

The force was undeniably powerful that even an upper spiritual king would feel difficult to assail its auspicious blow.

Yates had the power to take control of this array, so he was able to handle the innate power. At that moment, Ricky was able to use the Iron Destroyer conveniently, as if he had already had the chance to master its use through time.

For the longest time, Ricky wa

re were formed to ambush six demi-immortal leaders.


They called on an evil spirit to resist the Heaven Illuminating Fire without any hesitation and yielded a mighty sound when the two polar energies met. They didn't know a lot about the Heaven Illuminating Fire but still put up a fight because it was their only hope. The evil spirit was then fired by Heaven Illuminating Fire and the flame engulfed their bodies housing lost souls.

Kristen was at the level of demi-immortal. Her power of the Heaven Illuminating Fire was at the zenith of demi-immortal, so all the six leaders screamed and cried out loudly with the unceasing Heaven Illuminating Fire.

They used all their evil spirit to resist the Heaven Illuminating Fire, but no one could win over its robust power. The more they used the evil spirit, the more the Heaven Illuminating Fire countered it. They were bound to die if they didn't have another energy to use as a shield or even just for resistance.

After the tenacious attack, the arms of three demi-immortal warriors were barely surviving because of the burns and force they received.

"Ricky, Tyson, Come on! My eyes can't be of use for a long encounters. You better be fast and end them now!" Kristen's frustrated tone echoed in the cave. It translated all her worries and definitely sent a message across of how anxious she already was. No one could blame her because after all, it was their last winning chance.

'The Heaven Illuminating Fire is mighty enough to be considered as the undefeated fire. No doubt. Kristen, possessing this meticulous fire, would comparably have an edge in defeating others in the same level, or even in higher levels than her, ' Ricky mumbled to himself as he saw the power of the Heaven Illuminating Fire again.

He was also sure that he would not stand a chance in the fire, fighting against Kristen, if he didn't possess the three zones.

Behind his deep sigh was willingness to cooperate so he united with Tyson in attacking one of the most injured demi-immortal leaders without any hesitation.

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