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   Chapter 333 The Truth

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 6611

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"Are you all shocked?" Yates asked with a smile while he took a few steps through the air. No matter how offensive Ricky and others were in questioning him, he was not angry at all.

He had everything under control and had the ability to kill those three as easily as smashing ants. One wouldn't be easily provoked when he knew he was far more superior to his opponents.

"Every array here was deployed by you!" Ricky accused him.

"You've got it. How could a person with innate spirit power like me enter this graveyard otherwise?" Yates gushed. "By the way, I'm in a very generous mood as of now, so you have the chance to ask me whatever you want to know. If you don't ask me anything now, you'll just have to take your questions to your graves."

"The so-called opportunity to become an innate spiritual king was a conspiracy set up by the Endless Shadow decades ago, right?" Ricky asked directly.

"Almost there!" Yates clapped his hands in appreciation for Ricky's question before saying, "You deserve to survive the wrath of the whole Realm of Wildness.

However, you missed one thing. This plan was merely designed by me and it has nothing to do with the Endless Shadow."

Proud of his conspiracy, Yates conceitedly revealed everything before Ricky could ask more questions.

"When this broken ancient battlefield was bordered by the Chaotic Region three hundred years ago, I broke a part of the sealing array in this graveyard with my supreme power and made my way into the Chaotic Region.

I discarded all of my evil spirit and restarted my cultivating with the spiritual energy in the Chaotic Region. I eventually succeeded in becoming an innate spiritual king once again about two hundred years ago.

At that time when I joined the Endless Shadow, I was in an urgent need of a force to help me. With the aid of the Endless Shadow, I established my own force in the Chaotic Region. That force is called the Aeolus Palace today."

"You are the devil--

unately I put the Iron Destroyer in the Chaotic Fire Zone or I would have not been able to enter this graveyard, ' Ricky thought to himself.

Ricky was able to calm himself down a little bit because he realized that he still had the Iron Destroyer with him.

"The Skeleton Army was the center of the array and the essence of the innate spiritual energy was the power source of the first array. Once you got in, you human killed that army and refined its energy; that was how you broke the array for me.

Afterward, I could easily get in," Yates said with a laugh.

"You are so insidious!" Tyson growled.

"Ha-ha, speaking of insidiousness, I can only say that you humans are the most insidious creature in the world." Yates shot back.

"Since you were able to get in here, Soar and Tina could probably manage to get here too!" Ricky guessed.

"Yes, they could have, but it's a pity that they didn't realize the array had changed in the first place. I was able to put the array under my control after I got in. It was too late by the time they noticed they could have come in. I didn't spend three hundred years learning about arrays for nothing!" Yates boasted.

"You snake!" Kristen couldn't help but curse him, too.

"So, what is the second array?" Ricky wondered quietly, trying to figure it out.

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