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   Chapter 332 Yates Showed Up

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"What's going on here?" Ricky muttered in confusion when he saw what happened.

He also observed how the space under the array was changing in a slow manner. Even though he could not actually see the changes with his eyes, he was confident that something did happen down there because he sensed that by the power of the three zones.

A rare sense of danger that he never felt before then rose inside his heart.

Without any hesitation, Ricky was ready to send Tyson and Kristen into the Chaotic Fire Zone.

However, when he tried to send them over, Ricky was shocked that it did not work.

He further realized that he could take anything from the three zones but never put anything into it. His attempts would never work even against a small amount of power.

It was also the same with the storage bag and the storage ring as well.

"The space under this array is locked. It has the strongest lock indeed!" Ricky immediately thought. He also realized then that such lock came from the re-pictured array.

Ricky remembered what Kristen had said before--the array was pervaded by strong space waves.

At that moment, Ricky's eyes became more serious.

"Is this array placed here to specifically target me?" Ricky suspected.

However, all his suspicions were in vain as of the moment. He could only observe and not able to do anything about the change that was happening inside the array even if he clearly wanted to destroy it using only one punch. Moreover, he didn't have enough power to do so.

'Is there nothing I can do? I could not possibly just sit still and wait for the worst to happen, ' Ricky thought to himself in frustration.

Ricky hunkered down and began to refine the Treasures from Heaven and Earth to recover his spiritual energy. He accepted his fate and decided to wait for whatever to come.

Since he did not know about the danger that awaits, it was better for him to enhance his power to the peak first. It was luckily that he could take things out of three zones and if in a worst case scenario that he really couldn't withstand the danger he could take the Iron Destroyer out and use all the innate power that Doris nourished.

He did not interrupt Tyson and Kristen's breakthrough. What was done was done, and there was no need to

if he was worried that someone might overhear.


They heard an applause emerged as Ricky just finished his words.

Then a familiar voice echoed, "I am surprised. You are such a smart little rascal. You can even guess that it's an intrigue."

"Yates! It's you!" Ricky said in total shock as he heard his voice. He couldn't believe that all that had happened were real. There were the same look of shock on both Tyson and Kristen's faces.

Because he could never mishear a voice he had heard before, he was confident that it was definitely the voice of Yates, the innate spiritual king of the Endless Shadow. But how was this possible? The innate spiritual king could not come in just like them, could he?

How could Yates show up here this very moment?

Ricky inferred that all these were done by someone particularly of the six demi-immortal chiefs. He never thought that Yates would be the one.

That was why he was in such disbelief.

"Ha-ha. Listen to yourself. I guess you didn't know it was me, right?" Yates laughed arrogantly again as if aimed to confuse Ricky even more.

Then, there was a dark pattern warped in front of them, also warping the space. Then a dark figure emerged out of it. It was really no other than Yates.

And they were sure he wasn't just some agglomerate of the spiritual energy but the real Yates standing before them.

"What the hell? Why the hell can you be in this place?" Tyson shouted seeking for answers and he felt that he deserved some explanations.

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