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   Chapter 331 The Well-planned Plot Gradually Emerged Itself

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After the two Omnipotent Skills—Devouring Storm and the Flame Torrent, the Massacring Golden Palm that Ricky used was the third Omnipotent Skill he had comprehended from the Massacring Zone.

Earlier in the Devil Beast Valley, Ricky hadn't only focused on hunting the devil beasts and comprehending the enlightening power. He also spent time concentrating on the training and comprehension of the cultivation method inside the Massacring Zone.

Due to his experience in comprehending the first two Omnipotent Skills, understanding the third was made much easier.

As Ricky launched the skill of Massacring Golden Palm, rays of golden light shone abruptly as the golden massacring peculiar fire burned fearsomely. Ricky's momentum was brimming with murderous intent. In a flash, his sturdy spirit was increased extremely, and his whole body was covered with the massacring golden runes.

It was as though Ricky himself had turned into the massacring golden runes!

The runes and flames intertwined, soaring up to the air. After quickly fusing, they transformed into a golden palm which blasted Ricky's murderous intent and sturdy spirit.

"Goodness! What strong murderous intent and sturdy spirit!" Tyson gasped from below, grinning with excitement.

"No! The power he has dispatched isn't enough to sustain the attack and break the array!"

But right when Tyson made his comment, he and Kristen felt the abrupt resurgence of real innate power, and they soon realized that it came from Ricky!

Up in the air, Ricky had also realized that his power was not enough and so he summoned the innate power inside his Iron Destroyer.

Although he didn't want to rely on the innate power of his Iron Destroyer, he had no other choice at the moment. Relying on the power of his weapon was better than entering the Chaotic Fire Zone. After all, the power of his murderous intent and rigid spirit was from his own Omnipotent Skill—the Massacring Golden Palm.


The Massacring Golden Palm, integrated with the innate power, flew directly at the three evil bats and blasted them with a very powerful strike, which had made the loud noise.

The three evil bats naturally launched a counterattack, but it was pathetically weak.

Tyson and Kristen saw that Ricky's Massacring Golden Palm fully deflected and destroyed the bats' counterattacks. Meanwhile, their bodies were mercilessly pierced, and then three masses of black essence of the innate spiritual energy came forth.

Immediately, they spotted that the black pattern on the essence was shining and connecting with the array in the cave, in an effort to create another three evil bats.

But before the essence could succeed at this, the Massacring Golden Palm changed its attack and was now directly attacking

the immortal level as soon as possible. Once they accomplished this, it would be much more meaningful to challenge opponents of higher levels.

With this, Tyson and Kristen began their cultivation separately while Ricky focused on the gradually disappearing array deployed at the entrance of the cave.

'Hmm, this array is very magical. As long as it is deployed successfully, it can mobilize the power of heaven and earth, and also can make the invisible space emerge itself. Its power is even more extraordinary than I thought. Should I also learn to deploy some arrays?' Ricky was lost in his thought.

But on further thought, he waved the idea away. For one thing, even if he had the regained spiritual meridian, his power was still limited and he couldn't be free and strong enough to learn all these different kinds of power. After all, there were countless kinds of power on earth.

Besides, he believed that as long as he could figure out all the nine Supreme Skills in the Chaos Manual, his martial arts and weapon casting skills would be the best among all the warriors of the world.

Accomplishing those two things would be more than enough for him. Moreover, if he was still unsatisfied by then, he could always decide to continue his cultivation.

However, just as Ricky's mind was racing wildly, the array changed again. The evil spirit and resentment gathered together again and headed right at the black pattern!

The light on the black pattern was shining again. Everything took place instantaneously! The continuously disappearing array was once again deployed. Ricky could even sense that it was more powerful than the last one!

Ricky had failed to detect the abrupt change before it could happen.

Now, he could do nothing but watch. He had a strong gut feeling that someone was plotting something very, very nasty.

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