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   Chapter 330 Massacring Golden Palm

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The power that Tyson dispatched came back at him fiercely because of the enormous blast of the black pattern's power. As he was totally unprepared, Tyson was thrown backwards for dozens of meters.


"Tyson! Are you all right?" both Ricky and Kristen shouted anxiously. They rushed to his side at once.

"Damn it! I didn't expect that attack to rebound at me!" Tyson cursed, standing up instantly. He wasn't seriously hurt, aside from feeling a little miffed.

The main reason he was not hurt was that he knew his strength very well. Even though his power rebounded unexpectedly, he knew how to receive it in a way that it would do minimum damage. However, another warrior at the ninth grade of Bone Reinforcement wouldn't have been so lucky.

After confirming that Tyson wasn't seriously hurt, Ricky and Kristen breathed a sigh of relief. The three then stood guard for each other again.

This time, when the three evil bats attacked them again, they used only defensive tactics.

"Tyson, don't be impulsive again. Even with the power of my eyes, I can only tell a little about the array. I can't discern any of its key points," Kristen told Tyson.

"If you attack aimlessly again and trigger other booby traps, all three of us will die!"

"I know what you mean. But Kristen, if we continue to stay here like this, it won't solve any problem. We can't attack those three evil bats, and can only fend them off. We're bound to get exhausted sooner or later," Tyson said, feeling rather frustrated.

The power unleashed by the three evil bats was far weaker than theirs. Supposedly, they could easily destroy them in a pinch. However, the problem was every time they destroyed the bats, they would return with more strength.

If things went on like this, there would be a moment when these evil bats returned stronger than them.

"We have to kill these three evil bats, otherwise they won't give up attacking us. As we are now inside the array instead of the cave, the evil bats can catch up with us wherever we go," Kristen said.

"I know. Kristen, can you find their weakness with the power of your eyes?" Ricky asked anxiously.

"Ricky, you can try using your previous attack which destroyed the evil bats," Kristen said, after thinking for a while.


Ricky nodded and then turned to directly unleash the

f these three evil bats regenerate again, they'll definitely destroy us!" Tyson said. "We'll have to hide in the Chaotic Fire Zone again and be too reliant on it!"

"Tyson, I'm not kidding!" Ricky said seriously.

"Ricky, I think I'd better use the Heaven Illuminating Fire!" Kristen said, also a little incredulous.

"Kristen, you know that under these circumstances, if your eyes become blind, we will definitely be in ever deeper trouble!" Ricky said adamantly. "Besides, I've yet to disappoint you, isn't that right?"

Tyson and Kristen's doubt began to drain away once they saw the confidence in Ricky's eyes. They nodded at each other and retreated, leaving everything to Ricky.

"Buzz, buzz!"

The next moment, Ricky's entire form was engulfed by a strong golden light. After a few seconds, golden runes spread over his whole body. A strong sanguinary and rigid power broke out from him, astonishing Tyson and Kristen. The two let out an audible gasp.

"How is this possible? Ricky's exuding such a strong sanguinary and rigid power! How many kinds of Light Apperception has he cultivated?" Tyson blurted out in astonishment.

"This is probably one of the unique flames he has!" Kristen said.

She was right. The golden runes were in fact the massacring runes, and the power Ricky exuded was from the Massacring Fire.

Now that a kind of sanguinary and rigid power was needed, this fire's power was substantial enough to meet the requirement.

"Massacring Golden Palm!"

Ricky roared fiercely as he leaped up into the air, shining in glorious gold.

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