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   Chapter 329 Dangerous Situation

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Tyson and Kristen had been stuck in a state of shock for quite a long time.

They were very surprised with what they just learned that they didn't know what to say. They were silent for a few moments.

"Next time, I will leave you some of the Devil Flame," Kristen finally responded to Ricky's request.

"That's great! Thank you, Kristen," Ricky said excitedly with a big smile on his face.

"You really are one crazy man." Tyson couldn't stop commending Ricky's strength.

"Ha-ha, Ha-ha!" Ricky laughed without saying anything after hearing Tyson's kind words.

But he suddenly stopped laughing. Something seemed very wrong at that time. They felt as if something or someone was watching them. It felt very dangerous, similar to how they felt before the fight. Ricky opened his mouth to warn them that something was coming but the words never left his throat.

Howl! Howl! At the same time, a loud roar echoed through the cave and attracted their attention.

Three huge evil bats, about three or four meters high, rushed towards them in lightning speed. No doubt that these evil bats were all at the peak of the ninth grade of Bone Reinforcement.

They all knew why they felt grave danger as they saw the evil bats flying towards them.

At the same time, they heard that many warriors and evil beasts were screaming from other caves and it terrified them even more.

"Maybe they have also encountered the evil bats at the ninth grade of Bone Reinforcement," Ricky said calmly because he somehow knew what was going to happen.

"Ricky, you are absolutely correct. It is very fortunate of the others to have chosen to stay outside," Tyson muttered with a low voice under his breath.

"No matter what happens, we should begin the fight. It is truly a big challenge for us to fight against these three evil bats at the ninth grade of Bone Reinforcement," Kristen said.

Boom! Another drastic change afflicted the cave.

The evil spirits of the evil bats began to move quickly and formed b

"Kristen, you are being too..." Tyson initially didn't agree with Kristen, but then he paused a moment out of shock.

The injured evil bats opened their mouths and absorbed streams of evil spirits from the array. In a short period of time, they have grown more powerful than before.

It was very hard to believe.

"How could this be possible? They shouldn't have been able to recover from that," Tyson said with the tension growing on his body.

"It's obvious. Their secret is the array in the cave," Kristen said. "I can't tell whether the cave is real or not, but these evil bats are definitely combined with the array in the cave.

And the evil bats will just keep on recovering again and again, which meant their power would just continue to improve."

Hearing what Kristen said, Tyson and Ricky couldn't say anything back.

At that time, they were slowly falling into a very dangerous situation.

"So what we must do is destroy the array first," Tyson said firmly.

Next, he used his strongest power without any hesitation to attack the black patterns on the walls.

"Tyson, stop that!" Kristen tried to tell him, but it was too late.

Tyson had attacked the black patterns on the wall but there wasn't any cracks on it at all. The power had rebounded back to Tyson and he was about to be hit by his own force.

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