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   Chapter 328 Heaven Illuminating Fire

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Something was humming away.

With the strong and violent impact, Tyson's body emitted silvery white light, which was then combined with waves of fluctuation, carried infinite weight, and shot towards the depths of the cave.

Loud cracking sounds could be heard. Wherever the silver white light passed through, a cluster of evil bats were reduced to resentment and evil spirits.

"Tyson, what a great move!" Ricky shouted when he saw clusters of evil bats die in an instant!

"It's a good move, although it takes a lot of spiritual energy to pull off. I can't sustain it for a long period of time without using all my power." Tyson answered humbly in a deep voice when he heard Ricky's praise.

Beads of sweat formed on his forehead.

"Ha-ha, I can't believe that you will ever do anything in such difficulty." Ricky gave out a hearty laugh when he heard what Tyson said.

"Ricky, why don't you cut the crap and come help me?" Tyson asked impatiently.

"Alright, alright, I'm coming."

Then, without any hesitation, Ricky moved quickly and rushed beside Tyson.

Within seconds, he used the Heaven Melting Fire to its full extend and turned himself into a burning warrior.

"Flame Torrent!"

While he shouted in a loud voice, chaotic fire runes filled the air. Tyson's silvery white light was engulfed in Ricky's torrential flames which were reinforced by the Heaven Melting Fire.

The next moment, the Flame Torrent erupted. More and more flames blazed into the depths of the cave, following Tyson's continuously fluctuating waves.

Then, shrill cries were heard breaking from the cave. Huge clouds of smoke were rising. Undoubtedly, the combination of the Heaven Melting Fire and the Flame Torrent was the bane of those evil bats.

For a long period of time, the Heaven Melting Fire and the Flame Torrent prevailed the insides of the whole cave. They were there until no cry could be heard any more. Then, the whole cave went silent.

The what seemed to be infinite clusters of evil bats were all reduced into evil spirits and resentment. Only some balls of essence of the innate evil spirit were left and flowed towards the depths of the cave.

The three of them no longer cared about those essence of the innate evil spirit. They didn't even bother watching those essence come into the invisible space inside the cave.

At that moment, both Tyson and Kristen

out the intervention from the power of Kristen's eyes. However, Ricky didn't have her eyes nor powerful restriction arrays. Given that, how would he be able to fully control the Heaven Illuminating Fire?

"Kristen, I'm trying to collect all kinds of sacred fires and peculiar fires I lay my eyes on." Ricky added, "The Chaotic Fire Zone inside my body can accommodate endless seas of those sacred fires and peculiar fires. By using this zone, I can mix the sacred fire, the peculiar fire, and my own power together. Then, I'll be able to use them as I wish."

Ricky told them the reason because they had already known the existence of the Chaotic Fire Zone inside his body. There was no need for him to hide his plan from his friends anymore.

Then, Ricky stretched out his two palms where four balls of kindling began to blaze violently. They were the red Devouring Fire, the scarlet Heaven Melting Fire, the golden Heaven Slaughtering Fire, and the yellow Massacring Fire.

"Are those all sacred fires?" Tyson asked in excitement. Although he had attempted to get used to all the surprises and mysteries Ricky always had in store for them, he couldn't help but feel excited again.

Even Kristen was shocked by the four kinds of fire resting on Ricky's very hands. She understood that the other three fires, besides the Heaven Melting Fire, were no less powerful than hers.

"Two peculiar fires, two sacred fires. And if I can have some of your Heaven Illuminating Fire, I will have the five most powerful fires in the world," Ricky said proudly, while flashing them a big smile.

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