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   Chapter 327 The Evil Bats

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"I don't feel so good about this place. It's so eerie even in the day!" Kristen said in a worried voice, with a concerned look on her face.

"Well, I've got used to it already. What did you think was in this place? None other than battlefields and graveyards! There are spooky places everywhere. I've seen more than enough of them ever since we set foot on this land," Tyson replied with a smile upon hearing Kristen's words. He tried to say it in a humorous tone, hoping to lighten up the atmosphere a little bit.

But Kristen still pressed her lips together out of concern. "This place is different," she said in a serious tone. "The places we've been to felt eerie because they were swarming with evil spirit. But this place is not the same. If you hold your breath and focus on your senses, you will see that the evil spirit is not the cause of the strange atmosphere. It feels like numerous ghosts have escaped from hell and swarmed in this place, smothering the land with their resentment and hatred," Kristen murmured in a low and deep voice, shuddering at what she just imagined.

"I agree with Kristen," Ricky chimed in. "She's right about this place. The eerie atmosphere here exists and it truly is strange. It's not the kind of weak illusion that the evil spirit has created in the other places we've been to. We need to be wary of things other than evil spirit from now on," Ricky warned, biting his lip.

He was now feeling a strong sense of danger, which went high as it could the time he entered this tomb. He didn't feel anything close to this before. Like what Kristen had pointed out, he knew for sure that the creepy aura in this place had a different and much more terrifying source. Unlike Kristen though, he knew exactly where it was coming from--the countless caves scattered throughout the whole mountain range.

"Now that you guys mentioned it, I'm starting to feel the same way, too!" Tyson exclaimed. Hearing Kristen and Ricky's words, the smile on Tyson's face disappeared. He stopped and focused on his surroundings. It didn't take him much time to sense the difference. The tension and danger around this area felt more real.

But it seemed that they had no choice but to meet the potential dangers, for getting into those caves was the only way they could move forward. They all had no other choice but to bite the bullet.

In fact, the whole mountain range looked like a giant trap. They couldn't see what was beyond it, nor could they figure out how high the mountains were. So it was impossible for them to climb over it, or go around it. Those caves seemed to be the only passages they could take to get through. Ricky guessed that this might be the result of some kind of array.

To avoid hitting the array, they could only step back and walk inside the dark strange caves.

"Now we should decide which cave we want to enter," Ricky ordered, wearing a grave expression.

The other two nodded and followed. Then the three of them stepped inside the cave on the far end, which had not been chosen by the other warriors.

The moment they were inside the cave, the creepy feeling they had on their skin intensified. The strange sense worked together with the evil spirit, and weighed heavily on their bodies. To resist the invisible two-fold oppression, they had to double their efforts to channel their spiritual energy and form shields for more protection.

As they marched on, getting deeper and deeper into the cave, the air felt colder. Gradually, the strange feeling of resentment and hatred grew stronger that it was impossible for them to ignore. Now they could feel that the resentment and hatred were being released by dead beings.

The resentment in the air was powerful, and it almost threatened to attack and erode their minds. Protected by his power of the three zones, Ricky did not fear the evil r

ery fist he swung, hundreds of evil bats were burned into ashes. Tyson, at the same time, hardened his body with his spiritual energy. Once the process completed, forceful waves of power constantly burst out from within him like ripples, making the whole space tremble with his immense force. The power waves lashed out against the evil bats, and the latter were reduced to evil spirit and resentment before they completely disappeared.

Surprisingly, when the evil bats died and their bodies were shattered, innumerable dots of black lights escaped from them. The lights were rather weak, but shining together, they still attracted the three warriors' attention. Like dandelions, they flew towards the depth of the cave until they were out of their sight.

"If I'm not mistaken, those black lights must be the essence of the innate evil spirit. We can expect the amount of if to be very large from the number of the evil bats that we just destroyed in here. What a pity that they couldn't be of any use to us," Kristen said, as she stared at the black lights flying away.

"Damn it!" Tyson cursed as he fought the annoying evil bats. "If only they were the Skeleton Army! That way, we can get a huge amount of essence of the innate spiritual energy, instead of this black rubbish!" Tyson was really bummed by the thought of not getting any trophies from this fight.

"What a terrible deal! Now, I'm certain that this was a waste of time!" he went on to grumble.

"Stop complaining, Tyson. Just focus on killing these flies! We have to finish them off as quickly as possible. It would take us a lifetime to wipe them out if we don't hurry up!" Ricky called out.

"That wouldn't be a problem!" Tyson could only nod and continue to fight the bats.

With his mind back on the battle, Tyson gathered up all his energy and pushed his body refining process to its fullest potential. In an instant, every part of his body became as hard as steel, like silver liquid steel was being poured into his body and making him invincible.

"Wall-crushing Arm!" Tyson bellowed. His fists were then wrapped up in silver energy and light. He then flung them with extreme might on the walls on their sides.

The next thing they knew, the whole cave trembled violently. The stony walls thundered as the massive energy waves from Tyson's fists traveled through the walls. The energy had further increased as the cave and even the whole mountain resonated with Tyson's attack. Carried by the stony walls, the energy waves rushed towards the depth of the cave at an extremely fast pace.

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