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   Chapter 326 Essence Of The Innate Spiritual Energy

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As a deafening roar rang through the air, many shock waves also shot out from under the black ground. The three of them could feel the power of an innate spiritual king from the shock waves.

"What a large amount of innate power! What on earth is that?" Tyson said in a low voice. Then, the three of them stood back to back as they prepared themselves for the oncoming battle.

"Crack!" In the next moment, a large crack suddenly appeared on the surface of the black ground. As the crack got bigger and bigger, numerous black skeletons climbed out from under the ground one after the other.

Among the skeletons, some were complete while others were broken. Some were relatively big while others were quite small.

The three of them could tell from the shape and form of the skeletons that some of them were once human warriors, some were originally beats, and the others were giant humanoid skeletons most likely to be the skeletons of some devils.

They now knew that the immense innate power they felt was unleashed by these skeletons.

Soon, the endless black plain became occupied by the skeletons. They looked like an army of mounted and foot soldiers.

"What's going on here? How could these skeletons move so freely? How could they each contain their own innate power?" Tyson asked in wonder.

But they were not too concerned. Even though the skeletons contained innate power, they could sense that the skeletons were, at most, in the ninth grade of Bone Reinforcement, and they did not bring any threat to Ricky, Tyson, and Kristen.

"It seems to me like an array exists in this grave land, and the innate power of the skeletons is likely to be provided by the invisible array. Maybe the Skeleton Army is the first obstacle that will prevent us from entering the center of the grave," Ricky said after he analyzed their current situation.

While Ricky was talking to Tyson and Kristen, quite a lot of the warriors not far away from them had already started fighting with the Skeleton Army.

But they had more problems than that. Ricky saw the figures of several devil beasts, and they were sure to follow them to this place. After all, the devil beasts were the creatures that were most likely to get the heritage of the completed devil king.


A while later, Ricky, Tyson, and Kristen also joined the fight against the Skeleton Army. As the fight progressed, they also moved closer and closer towards the depths of the plain.

In the midst of all the fighting, one thing caught their attention. Every time they killed a skeleton, the innate power contained by the skeleton woul

the others."

"I see!" Tyson nodded.

Later on, the three continued to march deep into the plain. The other warriors and devil beasts moved at an even faster speed. Given how tempting this opportunity was, all of them could hardly wait to see the depth of the grave.

Some warriors, especially the members of the Dahlia Palace and the Manor Palace scolded Ricky in their minds. Had they listened to what Ricky said, they would not have been there to grab the opportunity of getting the essence of the innate spiritual energy.

Ricky was unaware of the thoughts of these warriors. Of course, even if he had been aware, he wouldn't have cared about it at all anyway.

Meanwhile, all of the warriors were completely unaware that after they had refined the essence of the innate spiritual energy, the array hidden in the void, which was previously high above the sky over the black plain, had vanished quietly.

There was no doubt that the essence of the innate spiritual energy was the source of strength of the invisible array.

However, even if these warriors had known that in advance, they would have still chosen to refine the essence they obtained regardless of the consequences. Greed truly was a powerful force that could turn people blind.

After marching without stopping for several hours, they were finally able to walk out of the black plain. Stood in front of them was a huge mountain ranging across the plain.

However, what attracted their attention were the caves in the huge mountain. They could already feel possible opportunities oozing from it.

"Is this huge mountain really the grave of the legendary completed devil king?" Tyson exclaimed again.

Meanwhile, several warriors entered the caves at once.

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